Jolene’s Blog

I started learning to pole in January 2003 and have been teaching pole dancing since January 2005. I love teaching pole so much that I wanted to go full time so I set up Purity in 2006 and a year later gave up office work.

Why did I take up Pole Dance? Because I thought strippers were cool!! Their presence and their confidence they had on stage was so intoxicating I wanted to be able to do that! And since learning it, I want to share it with the world! I teach others how to feed into their power, everyone has it in them!

Years ago when I ran club nights I used to do podium dancing in night clubs, but once I started pole I decided to give up podium and just do pole. I did this regularly a few times a month for about 3 years to lots of different music including: rock, techno, trance, drum n bass, house and RnB. I have stopped performing in nightclubs and now do showcases and competitions, some of which have included Polecats, Pole Divas and being a UK finalist at Miss Pole Dance 2008.

Promotions I have pole and podium danced for include;

  • Redtrip, Squelcher, Torture Garden, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Synthetic Culture, Tarantula, Antiworld, Xstatic, Logic, Sexy Back, Weird and Wonderful, Stripper Style on Tour.

Clubs I have danced at;

  • Fridge, Telegraph, Electrowerkz, Mass, Scala, Club Supreme, Crash, SEOne, Plan B, Egg.

As well as dancing in nightclubs I have also had other opportunities including;

  • Radio (BBC Radio Berkshire/OnFM Radio),
  • TV (UK TV Style/BBC Three)
  • Music Video (Nick Sentience)
  • Calendars (MyPole 2005/Pole Love 2008)
  • Showcases (Spin City, UKAPP, Miss Pole Princess, Equity, International Pole Federation, Authentic Pole Comp)
  • Speaking and performing at Venus Art Gallery, Henley
  • Various after show parties, London
  • Cyberdog, Camden each weekend during 2010

I have had many workshops and classes with National and International Pole Dancers, including:

  • Suzie Q
  • Pantera
  • Sally Ann Giles
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Tess Taylor
  • Deb Riley
  • Maxine Betts
  • Sarah Scott
  • Charlotte Holstead
  • Maddie Sparkle
  • Michelle Shimmy
  • Jazzy K
  • Sarah Blackmilk

I aim to bring pole dancing to anyone who wants to try it, whether its for the beautiful art of pole, or for the more naughty slinky side.

My main pole passion now is Sirens of the Moon, which uses sensual dance as a meditation for healing powers. I love connecting further into myself and allowing space for the Purity students to do so as well.


  • Level 2 Exercise to Music Qualification
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Fitness Pilates
  • Spin City Aerial Hoop Beginners
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • INSANITY ProTeam Instructor
  • I also have Public Liability Insurance and a PPL licence
  • Spin City Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial
  • Spin City Beginner and Intermediate Pole Fitness
  • Xpert Essential Science of Heels

I am a 4 Star Pole Dance Community Instructor, and an Authorised Grading Assessor.