Purity Club

**Update May 2021**

Hopefully this year we can see the return of either Velvet Dusk, or the Puri-Tea & Tease Parties.

Velvet Dusk is new for 2020 and will be replacing the Puri-Tea and Tease Party as the Pole Club event.

This is an evening of performances and banter. You are encourage to bring a few snacks, as there will be no buffet or sharing of food.

What Happens:
During the 90 minutes we will have 7 performers on the pole. These will be spaced out so the pole and floor can be cleaned in between each act. There can be lots of chit chat going on in the rest of the time, it will be so nice to get back to being social at Purity and connecting with your buddies from other classes. Whether it is a first time performance, or someone who has already done a show, it is a great way to practice performance skills in a non pressured environment. We shall be keeping cheers to a minimum, but you can clap as loud as you want!

Who can come:
This is very much for the Purity Polers, to start we will have a maximum of 12 spaces, this includes the performers too. You will need to pay for your spot using the link below, but the money will be refunded once you have attended Velvet Dusk. Due to Covid I am only having paid spots in each class or event.
Don’t worry if you have not been with Purity for long, Purity attracts lovely friendly people, you will leave Velvet Dusk with new friends!

Sunday 13th September 2020 from 7.30pm to 9pm

The location will be in Penton Harroway, the same location as we use for our Purity Parties. Details will be given out to those who book. 

Please do contact Purity to book in.

*Booking Policy – PLEASE READ*

Purity club 7.30pm to 9pm £10 FULL for Sunday 13th September 2020


Purity have been running pole dancing lessons for fitness since 2006. Those who learn to pole dance with Purity usually want to lose weight, tone up and have fun. Pole dance is a great way to get in shape, and meet new people. The pole tricks are highly addictive, and can be good target setters.