Making Pole Dancing Affordable

After much thinking I have found a way to make pole dancing more affordable. Some people find Pole Dancing can be an expensive hobby, but I would like to try and change that. From now on there will not be 6 week courses, you can pay for one month at a time for just £60 instead (Beginners and Intermediate). Think of it like a gym membership (although there isn’t a contract), you pay for the one month on a particular date (which is the date of your first class), if you miss a lesson you miss out, but if you come to each class you are making a saving of about £4.50 per class!! Some months you’ll get 4 lessons and others you’ll get 5 lessons. So this is a much nicer solution than £110 for 6 weeks.

The Advanced classes are £70 per month rather than £130 for 6 weeks.

There is also the option of paying by standing order for those who are addicted to the pole.

For details of spaces available in the Purity Pole classes can be found using the quick links on the right side of this page.

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