Casual Class

I am looking at starting a Casual Pole Class at the weekends in the Purity Studio, Reading. This will be a 1 hour class suitable for Absolute Beginners to Advance, priced at £7.

After the warm-up all students will work to their own level. The class will not follow a course structure and will not be on every weekend. You’ll need to book in advance for each class you want to come to, as it will not be a drop in class.

This class would be great for:

  • Those who can’t come to a weekday class
  • Students who don’t have their own pole at home, but would like more opportunities to practice
  • Students who need help with a particular move
  • Those who can’t afford the course lessons at a particular time, but still want to keep progressing in a safe environment
  • Students who would like extra tuition
  • Those who would like to brush up on moves before moving to the next level

You do not have to be a Purity student to benefit from this class.

I would like to know your opinions on this type of class, even if you are not in the area and wouldn’t come to this one in particular; I still value your input.

Would you like this style of class?
Which time do you think may be more suited; a Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon, or Sunday early evening?

Do get in touch with your input, or leave a comment.

Please do sign up the mail out to be the first to find out about this class.

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