Purity Christmas Party 2008

On Sunday 7th December we had the Purity Christmas Party, many students past and present also came to perform their Christmas routine for the show. The studio had under gone a transformation into ‘Santas Pole Grotto’.

Jason Parlour took a wonderful selection of images, a few of them are shown below.

We had 8 performers in total and they all bought their support with them to cheer them on. For some people (Suze, Fiona and Leanne) it was their first time doing a pole show so hats off to them!!




Lindsey and Claire have been pole dancing for about 3 years now and have done a few shows already. Each have their own unique styles which they bought to the night.



Genevieve came all the way down from Strictly Pole Dancing and the Flying Studio in Leicester and done 2 amazing performances, she is so graceful and I think we all got lost in her performance as it was so mesmerizing.


Lisa put on a cheeky Christmas routine to ‘All I Want for Christmas’, she was in true Christmas spirit dancing round dressed as an elf, and wow-ing us with her flexible moves.


I then put on my little Santa outfit and did my routine, which got off to a slow start due to some technical difficulties!


After all the performances were done then we had a pole jam for those who still had energy.

Genevieve and Lisa

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