Purity Birthday Party, Aug 2009

Photos taken by Jason Parlour at the Purity Birthday Party in August 2009, we celebrated Purity running for 3 years and the Purity Studio being open for 2 years.

Warm Up

Getting started

Leanne giving tuition

Pole Jam

Pole Jam

Pole Jam

Michelle - Bow and Arrow

Pole Sit

Angel Extension

Pole Sit

Leanne and Lynsey

Monique - Plank

Natalie - Gemini

Natalie - Gaze


Cross Leg Release

Sarah - Cross Leg Release

Louise-Mini Crusifix

Monique-Split Grip Pencil

Emma-Thigh Hold

Pat and Catherine

Jolene Perfoming - Split Grip

Jolene Perfoming - Aysha

Jolene Perfoming-Gemini

Jolene Perfoming-Teapot

Jolene Perfoming

Lisa Performing

Lisa Performing-Pole Sit

Lisa Performing-Bow and Arrow

Leanne Performing

Leanne Performing-Bow and Arrow

Leanne Performing-Star



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