Fantastic Weekend!

I have been out and enjoying the lovely hot weather this weekend, yesterday I went to Camden with Jason and had my Cyberdog Audition at 12.30pm. I was there ready to dance in time to some funky house (the hard music doesn’t kick in until later in the day), I went on the pole for 20 minutes, after about 10 minutes of high energy bouncing I was covered in sweat making it very difficult to pole. I was extremely hot after my 20 minutes but was very pleased to find out that I had passed!!!

I will have my first shift on Saturday 29th May 1pm-6pm!! I’m going to dig out all my old skool Cyber gear ready.

After my audition we went to Covent Garden to see a Chinese Pole act. This guy was recommended to us from someone else in Equity. We turned up just in time to see Ruben (think that’s his name) start his performance, he was very comical during his show which made him extra interesting to watch. His moves were incredible, but they all involved him risking his life for his art. If you are in Covent Garden at weekends then do try to go and see him, look out on Jason’s blog as he got some photos of him.

Just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, I find out that a friend of a friend is looking for help with their horse, Zela. So now I have a new horse to look after a couple of days a week!

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