UK Pole Dance Day Pole Jam

Thank you to all who came to the jam on Saturday, it was great to meet up with you all, have a jam and do some challenges.

Big thanks to Kate Tolhurst who performed a pole routine for the first time ever, she did fantastically well even though being a little nervous to start with.

Purity Instructors – Suze, Emma and Beth did a 90 second challenge to see how many pole moves they could do without feet touching the floor. All managed to do it! as you will see here it was very close between them all!!

1st Suze – 22 Moves
2nd Emma – 21 Moves
3rd Beth – 20 Moves

Instructor Challenge

My challenge was to let the people at the jam select a song for me to dance to, I didn’t know what it was until it started. Despite the fact I was absolutely shattered I still enjoyed dancing to it. They picked Puretone – Addicted To Bass.

Here is a video of my routine:

Jolene’s Routine

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