Purity Christmas Showcase 2010

On Sunday 5th December 2010 I put on the Purity Christmas Showcase at Hotel de Vie in Farnham. This was an idea given to me by one of the Reading students, Kerri, originally she suggested it was in the studio but I ran away with the idea and made it bigger!! Fortunately she still performed!

I started the night by introducing Jessabelle Polesista, he routine was to Frank Sinatra – ‘Let It Snow’ very fun and consisted of lots of sparkly snow being thrown everywhere, a perfect start to the evening. Once she had got changed she came back on to compare the rest of the evening.

Jess done a fantastic job throughout the night at keeping the guests entertained with her well planned out notes and silly Christmas jokes.

There were 3 student performances, all of them performing for the first time, first up was Kelly dancing to Track One by Swedish House Mafia, even though she was very nervous and the last couple of practice sessions that week hadn’t gone to plan, she done a brilliant job and put in every move that she wanted to.

Next up was a doubles Purity Routine Workshop by Kate and Kerri. This was a routine they learnt in class with me earlier in the year to Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. They looked liked they thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their performance.

3rd on was Ruth dancing to Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. This was her own routine which she started a few months ago but never got the chance to perform it. Ruth had some funky little steps in her routine, making it fun to watch. She was buzzing once she finished.

After the 20 minute interval the instructors (including myself) got ready to go on.

Suze, our teacher from Wraysbury and Reading went on first. Inspired by the strength moves she gave an awesome performance of moves I am only dreaming about doing. The Jacknife drop springs to mind! it was nice to see she started off with a little Christmas tune before breaking into a rock version of ‘Wicked Game’.

Next up was me, Jolene Redtrip, it seemed a bit unusual for me not to do a Christmas number but I was really into ‘Let you Go’ by Chase and Status. My performance was quite bouncy and was really fun. This was the first routine I have managed to put in the Handspring, partly why I did it first!

Lisa Williams, who used to teach for us in Twickenham was on after me, she seems to have gotten ever so strong since the last time I saw her rock the pole which was about a year ago. her routine had many strong moves and lots of funky dance moves. She was dancing to Video Phone by Lady Gaga and Boyonce.

To end the night on a fun note Emma Park Watt and Beth Hadcroft we all set to do their upbeat performance to House of Pain – ‘Jump Around’, it was off to a great start and everyone was enjoying the tongue in cheek performance, unfortunately about a minute before the end the music cut out and the amp had over heated! Like true stars they carried on anyway and got a massive cheer at the end!!

The night was a high success and there seems to be a growing list of performers wanting to have a go at the next Purity showcase, which is looking like it will be Easter time.

Thanks to everyone involved, Jason for doing the photos, Jess for being our fabulous compare, Claire for keeping the poles clean and warm, Hotel de Vie for being such a wicked little venue, and of course all the amazing performers and our lovely guests!

Looking forward to the next one already, Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Photo’s will follow soon, in the mean time here is the video of my performance:

Jolene Xmas 2010

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