Changes to Purity

This week has been home to some of the most significant changes to Purity Pole Dancing, Purity will be saying goodbye to Emma and Suze.

Both have been fantastic teachers for Purity for nearly 3 years, but during that time my beloved Pole Dance Teacher job, has become more like an admin position. Leaving me less and less time for what I enjoy the most… POLE! I did office work for 5 years before starting Purity, and some how I have managed to get back there again.

From June, I shall be going back to my original way of running Purity, with just myself teaching. It has been fabulous having the wonderful teachers over the years, Suze, Emma, Lisa, Leanne, Mel and Beth, but I feel it is time to focus more on pole.

The students most affected of these changes were told in class this week. From June Purity will no longer be running classes at Wraysbury, and the classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at West Byfleet will now be with me on Tuesdays from 12th June. If you are able to make Tuesdays, then please get in touch ASAP.

I am deeply sorry for those who are now without a Purity class, and not able to make a new day or location, but I thank you for your support in this, as it has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.

This is the new Purity time table with me:
Mondays – Camberley
Tuesdays – West Byfleet
Wednesdays – Purity Studio, Reading
Thursdays – Purity Studio, Reading

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  1. Hi Jo, It hasn’t gone unoticed the way you have always been so thoughtful and understanding towards your teachers and pupils, and my heart goes out to you for having to make a new start with Purity. Wishing you all well. x

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