Aerial Hoop coming to Purity!!

I have been a busy bee this year, I have been training in Hoop, and have my exam in 2 weeks. Yesterday I picked up an A frame from Xpole, along with a Hoop, so this means I have one ready to use!!

I am looking at teaching Aerial Hoop at the Purity Studio in Reading, from early next year, I may start some lessons sooner if all goes well with the A frame.

The lessons will be priced different than pole, as it won’t be one to a Hoop, like our Pole classes are one to a pole. This is because it can be much more demanding, and the gap between having your next go is essential, to be able to last for a full class!

There is a chance I may start small group private lessons before Christmas 2012. So by all means do get in touch if you want to be notified.

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