Pole Dancing for 10 Years!!

This month has been my 10 year anniversary for starting to pole dance. I had no idea when I first took a pole dancing course in London, that I would become so addicted. Over the past 10 years I have danced at many locations, from Art Galleries, to coming out of a box at Torture Garden on New Years Eve! I have taught 1000’s of woman to pole and about 40 men, ranging from hen parties to courses to private lessons.

As much as I have loved dancing and working out on the pole, it has been more than that. Pole has always been there for me, through good times and bad. It’s funny to say that it is more than just pole, but it is. It has even given me a job, a wonderful job, teaching so many students. Students who brighten up my week, give me inspiration and make me laugh. It has made me a performer, and shown me that I can do amazing things with my body, that years ago I never thought possible.

It has even got me on TV, on the Radio, in Newspapers and in magazines!

I have met some incredible people through pole, been on fantastic adventures, and loved it. Pole has come so far, from the one course being offered in London, and now vast amounts of towns now holding pole lessons. From the early days of MyPole.co.uk, before Google videos, it was a small community, a large potion being strippers, and now today, the community is huge, so many competitions, and the massive amount of people pole dancing are now doing so more for fun and fitness, than for stripping. It has grown to be more than ‘just a fad’.

I am hoping there will be another 10 years of pole for me, as it has been a blessing on my life.

Jolene on the pole


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