Sally-Ann and Anne Marie Workshops

Back in April I was lucky enough to meet Anne Marie Davies at 360 Pole School in Bristol. She came all the way from Hollywood to bring us her Joy of Sexy Workshop. We barely touched the pole for the 90 minutes, and we all felt super hot by the end of it. She taught us how to walk in heels, crawl, and how to look like you are having a good time on the pole. Even though some of us had been dancing for over a decade, I think we all learnt new bits from her, it was such fun.

The next day Sally-Ann Giles came to my little Purity Studio in Reading, it was mainly Purity students, with a few extra friends who came along, and we learnt a cheeky routine from the amazing Sally-Ann. We are waiting for her to create a new routine, as we want her back asap!

Jolene and Sally Ann

Jolene and Sally Ann


Jolene and Anne Maries Davies

Jolene and Anne Marie Davies


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