Aerial Hoop Workshop


Side StarSunday 8th September 2013
Purity Studio, Lismore House, 28b Wilton Road, Reading, RG30 2SS

12.00pm – 2.00pm – Hoop
2.00pm – 2.30pm – Stretch

Aerial Hoop workshop, learning some tricks and how to put them into a routine. Great for working arms, back and abs.

Please wear tight layers on the legs, leggings, leg warmers, long socks, particularly making sure the backs of the knees are covered well.

No experience to Hoop is necessary, so long as you have some experience in any aerial work, such a pole, silks, rope, trapeze. If you are unsure, then please contact Purity to check.

1 Space left
£25 (£25.50 when paying through the website, please contact to pay by bank for £25)

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