Why have the Memberships changed?

The previous Purity Membership had been trialled at £60 for 4 weeks, but unfortunately this could not be offered to more than 10 people. Purity has grown so much since the studio opened in July, that I was starting to turn people down for membership, which seemed unfair.

The talk of me taking it away did not sit well with most students, who had been looking forward to starting/continuing with 2 lots of aerial classes per week.

After looking into various different options, I have decided to keep the membership, but it will now be 4 wks for £75. This is available to anyone, not just 10 students at a time.

The Membership now includes:

I have taken out Insanity, as it was not getting used on the membership. Purity club has now moved to be every 3rd Friday of the month for 2 hours.

Click here to book your new membership 🙂

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