I have the perfect body… and so do you!

My body wakes me up every day, takes me to work, tells me I am hungry, allows me to watch funny things, laughs when things are funny.

Personally I am amazed at what it allows me to do on the pole, others might be amazed that it can grow their children, or fight cancer or repair broken bones!

If our bodies can do all of this amazing stuff, then why are so many intent on neglecting or saying hurtful things about themselves??? What did your body do to you to deserve such treatment?

To those who push themselves, by not sleeping much, not eating, particularly before aBones sleeping class, not bothering to drink water, particularly throughout a class – Your body needs these 3 things to be able to keep going, don’t just assume your body will run on empty, as you will run out of energy, and the risk of injury and demotivation goes up.



To those who say “I’m fat” “I’m ugly” “My butt is too big”. I’m sorry if you feel you are having a ‘fat’ day, but think of others around you, don’t spread your negativity. The Sad Boneschances are there could be someone hearing you saying how fat you are today, when they themselves are actually bigger than you, basically you have just called them fat! You could end up giving others a complex. I always believe that so long as you are happy and healthy, there is nothing wrong with your weight!!

It’s ok if you would like to shed some body fat, gain more strength or flexibility, but you should not focus on the negatives to achieve these goals. Look at your amazing body, focus on the positive parts of you to make you happy, and feel motivated to change other areas. If you have a negative outlook on yourself, then don’t expect a positive outcome, as you will still be stuck in a negative way of thinking. Enjoy the journey, as you need to commit to make changes, so make it fun.

To those who keep saying “I can’t do that” “I’ll never be able to do that” over and over again, sometimes before you’ve even tried it, you need to think about switching your attitude, positive mental thinking is a wonderful tool, it allows you to keep yourself upbeat when times are tricky, and also in classes allows you to nail new moves and achieve goals much faster, and it also spreads to others around you. Think back to the last time you were in a good upbeat mood, and how much easier did that make the rest of the day.

Life is much more pleasant when we are all thinking that good things will happen, Jumpobviously I know that every now and again we do each experience bad times, and for those times it is hard to keep our chin up, but if we can spread more positivity on a regular basis, then life will be a better place.

If you want more out of your classes, and out of your whole life, then start treating yourself with more respect. Your body is perfect just the way it is.


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