Purity Autumn 2021 Changes

Hello my lovely PuriTeam, as a lot of you know I have been going through quite a shift with Purity, and I have really appreciated your kindness and understanding.

Please do read this, as there will be changes that will affect everyone at Purity. I will try to make it easy to read and understand, but please do hit me up with any questions.



Main Details

  • Purity will be going back to being every week, if you have a prior engagement on what would have been our last week off for 2021 (W/C 8/11), please let me know this week and I will honour it.
  • I will no longer be teaching Pole Tricks, but we will still have Base Level in all the Pole Dance classes.
  • All the Thursday classes will be moving to Wednesdays from 10/11.
  • Freestyle 1 will remain unchanged, with the next one being on 29/10.
  • Freestyle 2 (those who used to do twice per month, and whose last FS was on 24/9) will have their next FS on 12/11, and will be once per month from then.


  • I have a couple of spaces on Freestyle, let me know if you would like to join.
  • Sirens of the Moon Halloween Special is on 31/10, and bookable through here.
  • The Annual Sexy Pole Dance Workshop is open for booking here, from 10am on 17/10.

Why I am no longer teaching Pole Tricks

  • Pole Tricks doesn’t excite me as much as the dance, for me the dance lights me up, and is where my passion lies. I like to be authentic in what I do in life, and deciding to put all my energy into Pole Dancing is something that really fires me up.
  • Pole Tricks have given me the most injuries, because we all warm up, and then I cool down whilst teaching, and then expect my body to bash out tricks when I am cold, this comes at a price, particularly when you teach 3 classes in one evening.
  • For me the Pole Dance classes seem to bring students closer, and the tricks appear to separate students. Ego kicks in, comparing abilities, it is a very different vibe. I do love our Purity vibe and want to embrace that space more!
  • I have been very back and forth on pole tricks in the last 5 years, and now seems like the time to stop fighting it.

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