Protein for Half Hour to Power!

profileNew from Purity is Half Hour to Power (aka HHTP)! A 5 week course with guaranteed results, to make you look and feel better, all in 15 x 30 minute sessions in total!

HHTP runs at 6pm Mondays to Thursdays at the Purity Studio in Andover, the next block starting on Monday 3rd November 2014. Maximum of 10 students in a class, to ensure safe technique on all moves.



Everyone can benefit from the new to fitness people or the athlete, as modifications for each move is given out. You work out using interval training, making the plyometric and strength exercises achievable.

If you commit to 3 out of the 4 days per week, you will get results in only a 30 minute workout!

We have now had our first delivery from The Protein Works, which is Vanilla flavour. powerThis is included within the Gold package for £95. I recommend this protein powder over any other, as the ingredients are very minimal, and it is sweetened with Stevia, rather than the dangerous Aspartame or Sucralose which have been linked to cancer.

GOLD Package 5 weeks:
1 month of protein powder
3 x 30 min sessions per week
Option to do a 4th 30 min session per week
Optional Nutrition advice

SILVER Package 5 weeks:
3 x 30 minute sessions per week

Surely you can make the time in your day, all you need is Half Hour to Power!