My First Shift at Cyberdog!

I had my first shift at Cyberdog in Camden on Saturday 29th May 2010, it went so well, even if my legs were tired from jumping around at the Pendulum concert the night before!

Turns out I had the timings wrong it’s 1pm-5pm so its 4 hours rather than 5 hours, I think that made a big difference. I had to pace myself, but still managed to have enough grip to do a few knee holds…I have some nice bruises from them! When I had the grip I did some lovely split grip holds from up the pole, someone came over and wondered where the strings were!

They changed the music downstairs to suit pole more, I was dancing to some funky electro rather than hard house, this made the whole shift much easier and I think it works well with the pole.

Looks like I will be back there on the 12th or 13th June.

Audition at Cyberdog!

On Sunday whilst shopping in Camden I noticed that Cyberdog has now got a pole!! I have been into Cyberdog many times over the years, more often when I was regularly dancing at clubs like the Fridge and SEone to get my funky clothes for gigs.

For those of you who don’t know, Cyberdog is the best shop in the world not only for clubbing gear but also to get you in the party mood! The whole shop is decked out with UV lights, shop assistants that look the part, and banging hard house all day. At weekends they have podium dancers up on the platforms, it has always been a place I wanted to dance but with all my evening gigs in London it was never an option and then I gave up podium.

As they have now got a pole I decided to enquire, I am booked in for a trial in 2 weeks time, I am keeping everything crossed that I will pass, even if I don’t at least I have done it once!

Wish me luck!

Pole Training

Last week I put together a video of what I have been up to on the pole in March. Been a bit held back this year as I have been ill so I am trying to get back on it now. I have a performance coming up in June so I need to make sure I have a good routine.

All of this was filmed at the Purity Studio in Reading, the last bit was done on spinny pole, which I really enjoyed for a change! Normally I get quite dizzy but I didn’t this time.

Weekend Drop In Pole Class – Reading

Come and join the Saturday Drop In pole dance and pole fitness class in Reading, Berkshire. This class is on most Saturdays 12pm-1pm at the Purity Studio in West Reading.

This class is suitable for Beginners to Advance, each individual works to their own level.

The class is £10 or £9 to existing students.

You’ll get more pole time than any other drop class in the area as we have no more than 2 students per pole for this class. Please see the website for spaces available.

You are welcome to book your space in advance through the website, please call Purity on 07961 054 863 if you want to book on the day. If you turn up and there are already 10 in the class you’ll be turned away.

The drop in class is great for those new beginners wanting to do a taster, and is also great for those with experience wanting to learn new moves, and also for those struggling with a move.

You don’t have to be a Purity student to come to this class.

New Venue and New Moves!

Leanne will be starting to teach Purity Classes in Wraysbury near Staines from 4th December 2008, there will be 2 tasters this year and beginners starting from January 2009.
Tasters are £15 each or you can do both for a special offer price of £25.

Purity will also be expanding to cover Bexleyheath, Kent in 2009, so watch this space or sign up the the mail out to be notified of start dates.

Been playing on the pole and managed to crack a couple of new moves this week, in particular the one handed hand stand and also the shoulder mount flip!!

Move Montage

Pantera at the Purity Studio

Pantera is one of the most famous and best pole dancers in the world, she is the star of one of the first ever Pole Dance DVDs – Poletricks 101 – and she is including the Purity Studio, Reading Berkshire in her UK tour in October 2008.

She will be at the Purity Studio on Wednesday 15th October 2008

3 hour workshop – 10am-1pm – £100
*3 spaces left* (5 poles / 10 students max)

Private lessons in the afternoon
1 hour – £130
*1 lesson left*

Please call Pole Passion to book – 0871 318 38 38
A £50 deposit is required and the rest is payable on the day

For directions and parking please see

These photos are from my private lesson with her back in 2006.

Casual Class

I am looking at starting a Casual Pole Class at the weekends in the Purity Studio, Reading. This will be a 1 hour class suitable for Absolute Beginners to Advance, priced at £7.

After the warm-up all students will work to their own level. The class will not follow a course structure and will not be on every weekend. You’ll need to book in advance for each class you want to come to, as it will not be a drop in class.

This class would be great for:

  • Those who can’t come to a weekday class
  • Students who don’t have their own pole at home, but would like more opportunities to practice
  • Students who need help with a particular move
  • Those who can’t afford the course lessons at a particular time, but still want to keep progressing in a safe environment
  • Students who would like extra tuition
  • Those who would like to brush up on moves before moving to the next level

You do not have to be a Purity student to benefit from this class.

I would like to know your opinions on this type of class, even if you are not in the area and wouldn’t come to this one in particular; I still value your input.

Would you like this style of class?
Which time do you think may be more suited; a Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon, or Sunday early evening?

Do get in touch with your input, or leave a comment.

Please do sign up the mail out to be the first to find out about this class.

Making Pole Dancing Affordable

After much thinking I have found a way to make pole dancing more affordable. Some people find Pole Dancing can be an expensive hobby, but I would like to try and change that. From now on there will not be 6 week courses, you can pay for one month at a time for just £60 instead (Beginners and Intermediate). Think of it like a gym membership (although there isn’t a contract), you pay for the one month on a particular date (which is the date of your first class), if you miss a lesson you miss out, but if you come to each class you are making a saving of about £4.50 per class!! Some months you’ll get 4 lessons and others you’ll get 5 lessons. So this is a much nicer solution than £110 for 6 weeks.

The Advanced classes are £70 per month rather than £130 for 6 weeks.

There is also the option of paying by standing order for those who are addicted to the pole.

For details of spaces available in the Purity Pole classes can be found using the quick links on the right side of this page.