Purity Party – Sunday 2nd October

We had a pole jam to celebrate 5 years of Purity, the new look studio with the 6th pole, and also the release of digi-pole!

Ruth Hill did a fab performance, demonstrating the moves she had put into her recent grading. Jade McPhee performed on both spinny pole and static to Cry me a River.

My performance was to Clubbed to Death from Matrix, it was a challenge routine, I wrote out all the moves I wanted to include and some of the girls put it together and called them out. I had to make it work as a routine, and I did not know what order the moves were getting shouted out.

Here is a video of my routine

We had some lovely cakes bought in by Tanny and Natalie:







Group shot!

Release of digi-pole!!

Yesterday it finally happened, digi-pole my new online pole dance lessons were released!!


A 3 day trial is £3.50 and a 28 day subscription is a special introductory price of £12.
These are great for those have a pole at home, or who can’t get to classes. But also a great complement to regular classes as well.

I welcome any feedback you may have. There is so much more to get on there, including routines, spinny pole and many more moves!

I hope you enjoy it!

digi-pole is now released!

Hello Pole Dancers

It’s been ages and ages since I last sent a mail out, I have got a fair few updates for you all.

Firstly, yesterday saw the launch of my new Online Pole Dance Lessons – www.digi-pole.com.
A 3 day trial is £3.50, and a 28 day subscription is a special introductory price of £12. This is great if you have a pole at home, or cannot get to classes.

Purity’s first grading session will be held at the Purity Studio on 17th and 18th September 2011, if you are interested in grading with us this year, then please sign up to Pole Dance Community via this link for membership – http://www.puritystudio.com/pole-grading-qualifications.html

I have achieved Level 2 Instructor Status with Pole Dance Community http://www.poledancecommunity.co.uk/magazine/articles/jolene-parlour-achieves-level-2-status.html

The website has been revamped by Jason Parlour, and is now much easier to navigate – www.puritypoledancing.com

The Purity Studio in Reading has been extended, and will soon have space for an extra pole, making it a 6 pole studio.
Classes are all running well in Reading, West Byfleet, Camberley and Wraysbury, please see the website for up to date spaces and to book – www.puritypoledancing.com

Kind regards


Purity Pole Dancing
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‘Pure Fitness, Pure Fun’

All bookings are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions:


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Please note that with all Purity classes they are lessons rather than pole jams, which means you must follow the teachers instruction rather than swapping moves with each other. We believe this is the safest way to run classes, especially as all the teachers have been trained on how to teach moves safely and can work out if you are ready for certain moves. If you see someone doing a new move and would like to give it a go then by all means ask your teacher, I’m sure they will be happy to teach it to you, or give you advice on what moves will get you ready for it.