The Halloween Showcase was a Hit!

The effort that went into this night, made it the best showcase we have ever done. It has been 4 years since we hosted a showcase at the studio, but I think we may hold future ones here, it worked really well.

Helena helped with the deco, and gave up a lot of her time to help me put it all up, but every second was worth it!

Helen and Jenny came and done theatrical make up for those who wanted it, making our corpse bride, zombies and dolls all the more creepy!

I would like to do a theme for the next showcase, as everyone seemed to really get into character, which just added so much more to the night.

We had a great selection of home made cakes, most of which were gone by the end of the night.

Tanny did a fab job hosting, filling the gaps with her magic tricks that stunned everyone! I do think she is a witch!

Here are a few links to routines, which have been uploaded to Youtube:

Jolene as a Creepy Doll

Mandy’s take on ‘The Crow’

Ruth as the Living Dead Girl

Halloween Routine Workshop

For this years halloween routine workshop, one class decided on 2 songs, and mixed them for me. We kept it quiet from most of the other students, it was a fun surprise when we went from Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann (Lost Boys) into Magic Dance by David Bowie (Labyrinth).

All the videos were done in the Purity Studio in Reading, I put candles out to make it seem spooky!

Here are the students videos, from those who wanted to be filmed:

Class Tues 7pm

Class Weds 6.30pm

Class Weds 7.35pm

Class Weds 8.35pm

Class Thurs Advance

Class Thurs 7.35pm Take 1

Class Thurs 7.35pm Take 2