Train INSANE With Me!!! New INSANITY Classes in Spring 2014!

Train INSANE with JoleneYay!! I am so excited!! I completed my INSANITY Instructor training with Beach Body yesterday. The first part of out training was to take part in a real INSANITY class, which was so tough, but we all felt like Rockstars at the end of it!

By the end of this week I would have completed the 60 INSANITY DVD Challenge, and the changes so far to my fitness level and my abs definition, has given me motivation to keep pushing myself. The beauty of INSANITY, is that it doesn’t matter what your fitness level, everyone can push themselves to the max. You may be able to do 30 jumps, you may only be able to do 2, but the point is the same for everyone, to push hard and get results.

I started the 60 day challenge this year, as i wanted something I could do at home, that would challenge me, along with being something I hadn’t done before. On starting the challenge, I had no idea I would end up going on Instructor training, but the opportunity came along, and I wanted to share it more.

I have become very passionate about INSANITY, how it makes you feel, and what it can do for your body. I used to struggle getting up in the mornings, but now i bounce out of bed 90 minutes earlier than i used to, and can’t wait to get on with it! I think it has given me determination to push myself in other areas of my life, INSANITY is so tough, that whenever I complete a workout, I feel as though I can take on the world… well after a shower and re-fuel 😉

I am looking into start dates for this gem of a workout, so either contact me through the website to register your interest, or sign up to the mailing list. I am looking to run classes in Andover, Ludgershall/Tidworth and Basingstoke.

July Update

I’ve been spending the past three months settling into the Twickenham venue on a Tuesday night, and I am now teaching three classes. The girls are doing really well and the classes are so enjoyable for me, the time flies by.

Jolene and I had a mini pole jam last Friday which was a giggle as always and we decided to make up a doubles routine to the Beastie Boys – Intergalactic, it had a wicked beat. Jolene’s posted it on her blog, take a look.

I’m taking part in a 5k race tonight in London through my full time job so have been practicing hard to beat last year’s respectable time of 29:07 – will let you know how I get on 🙂 im hoping for around 26-27mins if im lucky.

Looking forward to the Wokingham UKAPP heat, where one of our students Suzy is competing in the hope of reaching the finals. I have seen Suzy perform before and she’s brilliant, I hope she nails the performance and comes through. Jolene and I have been asked to perform at the afterparty which will be my first performance since Pole Divas in November last year, so have been working on my moves and deciding which tunes will be best to dance to.