Aerial Hoop Workshop


Side StarSunday 8th September 2013
Purity Studio, Lismore House, 28b Wilton Road, Reading, RG30 2SS

12.00pm – 2.00pm – Hoop
2.00pm – 2.30pm – Stretch

Aerial Hoop workshop, learning some tricks and how to put them into a routine. Great for working arms, back and abs.

Please wear tight layers on the legs, leggings, leg warmers, long socks, particularly making sure the backs of the knees are covered well.

No experience to Hoop is necessary, so long as you have some experience in any aerial work, such a pole, silks, rope, trapeze. If you are unsure, then please contact Purity to check.

1 Space left
£25 (£25.50 when paying through the website, please contact to pay by bank for £25)

Aerial Hoop Montage

Aerial Hoop was introduced to Purity this year, we have regular classes on a Monday evening. Absolute beginners to Hoop are welcome.

It’s great for increasing upper body strength and abs!

Learn how to get up into the Hoop, poses, linking, routines and conditioning.

£40 for 4 weeks, or £25 for a month if you are already on a pole course with Purity.

Click here to book.

Here is a short video, which is a mix of beginners and a few bits of Intermediates.

Aerial Hoop Intermediate Instructor Training

Last Saturday I had a wonderful 8 hours of intense and mostly practical Intermediate instructor training for Aerial Hoop. My hands are well conditioned now for much more Hoop. We learnt lots of new moves, top bar work, rolls, and combos. Always on these course I meet lovely people, and learn so much from Kate Edwards from Spin City.

I have my exam work to do, probably about Spring time, and then I will be one of the first Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructors in the UK.

Looking forward to teaching beginners Hoop next week, first classes are on Monday in Reading, Berkshire!

Aerial Hoop coming to Purity!!

I have been a busy bee this year, I have been training in Hoop, and have my exam in 2 weeks. Yesterday I picked up an A frame from Xpole, along with a Hoop, so this means I have one ready to use!!

I am looking at teaching Aerial Hoop at the Purity Studio in Reading, from early next year, I may start some lessons sooner if all goes well with the A frame.

The lessons will be priced different than pole, as it won’t be one to a Hoop, like our Pole classes are one to a pole. This is because it can be much more demanding, and the gap between having your next go is essential, to be able to last for a full class!

There is a chance I may start small group private lessons before Christmas 2012. So by all means do get in touch if you want to be notified.