Videos from our Sexy Routine Workshop

Last Sunday the Purity Girls polished their heels, took their hair bands out, and enjoyed doing a Routine Workshop to Buttons by Pussy Cat Dolls.

It was lovely to see the effort gone into outfits, it definately had a different feel to it, but as one of the students, Ruth, pointed out, everyone was just there to have fun, and not to compete with one another. It was nice we still managed to keep the lovely atmosphere, which is present in every Purity class.

Well done ladies 🙂

Students 1

Students 2

Halloween Routine Workshop

For this years halloween routine workshop, one class decided on 2 songs, and mixed them for me. We kept it quiet from most of the other students, it was a fun surprise when we went from Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann (Lost Boys) into Magic Dance by David Bowie (Labyrinth).

All the videos were done in the Purity Studio in Reading, I put candles out to make it seem spooky!

Here are the students videos, from those who wanted to be filmed:

Class Tues 7pm

Class Weds 6.30pm

Class Weds 7.35pm

Class Weds 8.35pm

Class Thurs Advance

Class Thurs 7.35pm Take 1

Class Thurs 7.35pm Take 2

Halloween Routine Classes

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, it’s taken a good couple of months for myself and Jason to get settled in to the hotel way of life. It’s been great and hard work at times, but I now have my pole up in the basement so I can start training again.

I will be hosting the Purity Christmas Showcase at Hotel de Vie on Sunday 5th December, I will do another blog with all the details soon.

Here are the videos of all the students in the Intermediate classes last week, we were doing the moody halloween workshop, which was the Creep by Radiohead. All the students did a fantastic job of learning it, and putting their own style in there too. To set the spooky

Tuesdays 7pm

Creep 1

Wenesdays 7.35pm

Creep 2

Wenesdays 8.35pm

Creep 3

Thursdays 7.35pm

Creep 4 

Thursdays 8.35pm

Creep 5