New Class Launch – Pole Drills

Next week I will be launching a new style of class, called ‘Pole Drills’.

I am regularly asked about strength moves which will help for pole work, so I have devised a 30 minute power class to increase strength, engage core, and tone up. I aim to try and make it as fun as possible, and relevent to pole. We will be doing exercises both on and off the pole.

The Pole Drill classes will be on either before or after the usual Intermediate classes in Reading, making it easier for you to think about coming earlier or staying later after your regular class.



It’s £5 per class (or £5.50 if using Paypal), or you can add it on to your usual payment for £20 per month, so in a 5 week month you’ll get a free class.

To celebrate the launch, this class will be offered for free on Wednesday 8th August and Thursday 9th August to the regular Purity Students, (those from Camberley are also welcome to book on).

Learn to Pole Dance for your Hen Party!

It’s been very clear to me recently that the Hen Party season is in full swing!! So many fun parties lately, I have a soft spot for teaching Hen Parties, as everyone is so up for having fun, which can make them pretty loud!

You’ll learn a pole dance routine throughout the 90 minutes. Lots of the groups go into town afterwards, and look for clubs with poles so they can try and piece together their little routine!

I run them at the Purity Studio, in Reading, Berkshire. You can find the full details here: Pole Parties

I do have bits of availability throughout August and September 2012, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch, even though its short notice. I run them all year round, but they are most popular right now.