November Madness!

This past month has flown by so fast, with so many things taking place. End of October saw the start of the Andover classes, by a charity night in aid of the Jamie G Sporting Trust, in total for the event and leading up to it we made £50, so thank you to all that took part and donated too. Classes are now running regularly in Andover at Progression Fitness.

Camberley classes has got off to a rocking start, with many students from Reading attending, along with some of the old school Camberley students coming back.

We had the last ever show at the Studio on 10th November, lots of slinky performances, including a free style challenge from me. My wonderful boyfriend brought cupcakes for my Birthday treat, and a balloon in the shape of a pole dancer!

On Saturday I am hosting the last workshop at the studio, the theme will be Stripper Style, this got booked up within 24 hours, so I’m sure it will be a hit.

Next week will be the last week at the Purity Studio, a place which has been my second home for over 5 years, we will celebrate by having party classes 🙂

Jolene Freestyle at the Last Show at the Purity Studio from Jolene Redtrip on Vimeo.

Purity presents Stripper Style!

Purity presents Stripper Style!
Sunday 9th June 2013
Doors open 6.30pm – Performances start at 7pm
Finish – 9.30pm
Hotel de Vie, 22 Firgrove Hill, Farnham GU9 8LQ


For a bit of fun the next Purity show will be showcasing some of the fun authentic stripper style of pole dancing. Going back to the roots of where the dance side of things came from. Although please note there won’t actually be any nudity 😉

Sometimes we can get all caught up in the fancy tricks, and forget to dance. Expect to see some beautiful routines, sexy outfits, super platform heels and some naughty moves to make you smile.

Jessabelle Polesista will be our fabulous host for the night, she will look after you and guide you through the performances from:
Tess Taylor
Jamie Taylor
Robyn Rooke
Lisa Williams
Kelly Morson-Hood
Joanna Mary
Oh and me! Jolene Redtrip

Our own Purity Students performing are:
Ruth Hill
Tanny Lee
Kate Cusack

Please do get in touch if you would like to perform, or if I have forgotten to add you to the list!

There is 15% off all rooms at the Hotel for the 09/06/13, you can see them all here:, please contact Jolene if you would like to book.

The car park is reserved for guests staying, extra parking can be found down Arthur Road. The hotel is on the corner of Firgrove Hill and Arthur Road, the entrance is by the car park.

15 Tickets left


(£12.50 when paying through the site, to pay only £12 please contact for bank details)