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I was asked by Storm from the Sunday Show on ‘On FM Radio’ if I would come in and have a chat about Pole Fitness and the issues regarding Sam Remmers performance at South Devon College. Yesterday I arrived in Hammersmith with Jason and went on air at about 12.40pm.

We discussed Sams performance and also how pole fitness is becoming more popular, we even spoke about how Jason and I met through a pole jam a few years ago. Storm knew a bit about pole fitness already seeing as she has already done a class up in Glasgow.

The 10 minutes was over so quickly but I think we done a good job of spreading the word about how fun and hard working pole fitness can be!

I am hoping to get a sound byte from the show, so I will post is here if I do.
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Pole Fitness Performance at South Devon College

I’m sure a lot of you by now will have heard about Sam Remmer’s pole performance at South Devon College as part of the college’s ‘Be Healthy Week’. One of my students mentioned it to me last night, and I was a bit worried, I thought here we go another pole dancer introducing teens to pole dressed in their high heels, and hot pants, gyrating round a pole and claiming to be about fitness….but no!…Sam’s performance was pole fitness!!

Sam was dressed in sports wear and showed off her amazing skills in pole combining incredible strength, grace and poise.
From what I could hear on the video students and staff seemed silent during her routine, perhaps in awe of her talent. To me this is a positive step as it showed they were actually watching her and paying attention.

What does seem strange is how there hasn’t been any official complaints, but the staff were not happy as their students were unfocused during the afternoon whilst sharing videos and photos they had taken of the performance on their mobile phones. The staff ‘assumed’ Sam’s routine was inappropriate for the young adults, therefore kicking up a fuss (please note this was before they had seen Sam’s performance!!).

I would like to point out a couple of things……I am sure if there had been a skateboard demo instead the students would have been filming them and comparing footage through out the afternoon…..now would the skaters have been inappropriate just because the students were showing interest after the event…or would this of been a good thing?….

I think it boils down to people stereotyping pole fitness to be something seen in strip clubs, when actually very little pole fitness is seen in those type of clubs.

I can’t help but wonder why these students are allowed to have mobile phones switched on during lesson time anyway?…..

Click here for Sam’s routine at South Devon College

Here is a photo of Sam taken at a competition last year (reproduced with permission)