New Xpoles – Xpert and Xsport

The new range of Xpole is now on , we are still offering our fantastic deal where you get a free course lesson when you buy a new Xpole through Purity. (Free class is valid for 6 months after purchase date).

The new Xpole range is said to be easier to put up as they are all bottom loading, that’s right, no more ladders!!

All the Xpole have the Xjoist in them, instead of the old screw threads these now have an extra bit of metal which holds in place once tightened by alan keys. no more battling trying to get the poles apart. The Xjoist also means there is less flex in the pole, making them even safer than before and feels more secure when using it.

There is a cheaper range with the new Xpole product. The Xsport is slightly cheaper, the main different being it has a different upper base instead of the original dome, this means it is a static only pole. There is a little cover which goes over the bottom of the pole where it does up. You do have to be careful not to use this part when you dance, but as its at the bottom its easy to avoid. 

The Xpert is a smilar price to the old poles, this has the option of going on spinny mode. This one has a pole like cover where the pole does up at the bottom making the whole pole usable when dancing.   

Pole Training

Last week I put together a video of what I have been up to on the pole in March. Been a bit held back this year as I have been ill so I am trying to get back on it now. I have a performance coming up in June so I need to make sure I have a good routine.

All of this was filmed at the Purity Studio in Reading, the last bit was done on spinny pole, which I really enjoyed for a change! Normally I get quite dizzy but I didn’t this time.