Booking Policy

Booking Policy

**Please see our intro video here**

This booking policy has been introduced to help make pole dancing more affordable, and ensure classes are not over-subscribed. Should you have any questions about this, please do let us know.

All Courses – For Pole

Your course booking will start from the date of your first class with Purity, and you can keep on rebooking on that same class, for each course you wish to do, as your space will be allocated to you before anyone else. Apart from Beginner Pole Dance, which is not a rolling course, as it is much shorter than the other courses.

The 5 week courses are 5 consecutive classes on the same time each week. Any lessons missed during your course booking will not be refunded, as your place has been reserved. Therefore, missed classes are not carried over.

If you have not rebooked (and repaid) by your booking date, your space will be re-advertised and is likely to be lost.

It is always nice to know if you can or can’t make a particular class, so please do let us know by phone, text, or email if your plans are likely to change for any particular week. Unfortunately though, missed classes are not carried over.

You can also pay by bank transfer, or set up a standing order with your bank. Please contact us to get our business bank details in order to be able to pay in.

If you decide not to renew your course booking at the end of a booking period, your space will be re-advertised, and most likely lost.

There is sometimes the option to move one class out of your course booking, as long as more than 24 hours notice is given. You will be able to catch up your missed class either on the week you miss it, the week before or week after, subject to availability. If a catch up class is arranged you will not be able to rearrange to another day, you’ll only have one chance to catch it up, this is not available to beginner level as there are no other class options for catch ups.

If you have a planned holiday coming up, please let Purity know before your booking, as a discount of £5 for each class you’ll miss, can be taken off your 5 week course at the time of booking, this is instead of going for a catch up option.

£10 of any booking is a booking fee, which is non-refundable.

Purity runs with 3 weeks of classes and 1 week of no classes, you can see the 2021 dates here.


Please note: Classes run from the specified time, to the specified finish time, at each location of Purity.

The classes are carefully structured to ensure time for warm-up and cool down.

If you are late for a class, to reduce disruption to the other students already present, you will be denied entry and asked to leave.

Important instructions relating to the class safety may have been presented at the beginning of the class, and similarly you would of missed the important warm-up.

If denied entry, you will forfeit any payment made for that class as your instructors do not have time to repeat instructions missed by your absence.

Private Lessons

If you book a Private Lesson and do not show up to the class without contacting Purity at least 24 hours (ideally more) before your class, you will automatically forfeit the class. If you give at least 24 hours notice, you will lose the right to a refund, but you will be able to transfer your class to a different day.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Pay as you go classes are not available. Sometimes one of tasters are available throughout the year.


If you book for a workshop and can no longer make it, you can have a refund if you notify Purity with at least 7 days before the workshop. Under 7 days left you will either forefit your place, or you can sell your space to someone else who is of a suitable level for the workshop.

Challenging the booking policy

We reserve the right to ask anyone who challenges our booking policy to leave immediately, and they will not be allowed back onto any Purity classes.

Your teacher (apart from Jolene) is not able to renegotiate any part of the booking policy.

For any queries, please contact Purity Studio Ltd on 07961 054 863.

Other Notes

Please note at Purity that we have a zero tolerance on any type of bullying; homophobic, racial or hate does not have a place at Purity.

Whilst pole dancing is heavily dominated by woman, we welcome men as well. We are LGBT friendly. If you would like to be addressed in a certain way, then please make that clear to your teacher. Your acceptance and comfort is paramount.

Please note that acts of bullying towards your own self will not be acceptable. Putting yourself down is classed as bullying in the eyes of Purity.

We also hold a zero tolerance on on judgement towards those who wish to wear or not wear face masks, and for other precautions people may want to take during the Covid pandemic. We follow the Government guidelines at the Purity Studio.

Please also refer to the Terms and Conditions, which forms part of this Booking Policy.