Purity Autumn 2021 Changes

Hello my lovely PuriTeam, as a lot of you know I have been going through quite a shift with Purity, and I have really appreciated your kindness and understanding.

Please do read this, as there will be changes that will affect everyone at Purity. I will try to make it easy to read and understand, but please do hit me up with any questions.



Main Details

  • Purity will be going back to being every week, if you have a prior engagement on what would have been our last week off for 2021 (W/C 8/11), please let me know this week and I will honour it.
  • I will no longer be teaching Pole Tricks, but we will still have Base Level in all the Pole Dance classes.
  • All the Thursday classes will be moving to Wednesdays from 10/11.
  • Freestyle 1 will remain unchanged, with the next one being on 29/10.
  • Freestyle 2 (those who used to do twice per month, and whose last FS was on 24/9) will have their next FS on 12/11, and will be once per month from then.


  • I have a couple of spaces on Freestyle, let me know if you would like to join.
  • Sirens of the Moon Halloween Special is on 31/10, and bookable through here.
  • The Annual Sexy Pole Dance Workshop is open for booking here, from 10am on 17/10.

Why I am no longer teaching Pole Tricks

  • Pole Tricks doesn’t excite me as much as the dance, for me the dance lights me up, and is where my passion lies. I like to be authentic in what I do in life, and deciding to put all my energy into Pole Dancing is something that really fires me up.
  • Pole Tricks have given me the most injuries, because we all warm up, and then I cool down whilst teaching, and then expect my body to bash out tricks when I am cold, this comes at a price, particularly when you teach 3 classes in one evening.
  • For me the Pole Dance classes seem to bring students closer, and the tricks appear to separate students. Ego kicks in, comparing abilities, it is a very different vibe. I do love our Purity vibe and want to embrace that space more!
  • I have been very back and forth on pole tricks in the last 5 years, and now seems like the time to stop fighting it.

Halloween Sirens of the Moon

A special Sirens of the Moon will be happening for Halloween on Sunday 31st October!

Expect some witchy fun, sensual dance inside and embracing the elements outside.

You do not need to have done Sirens to be able to join in with this session, a full break down of simple routines will be given before we start.

Dress Code: Socks and Knee pads are essential, no heels (shock horror!)

Dress Vibes: Wild/Witch/Vampire

Location: Rec Room, Penton Andover – Full address will be given at time of booking.

10 spaces maximum, please use website to book, as Paypal is monitoring quantities


Contact Mobile Number


Purity Dates 2021

Here are the dates for the weeks off for the rest of 2021.

Week off: 19th July 2021

Week off: 16th August 2021

Week off: 13th September 2021

Week off: 11th October 2021

Week off: 8th November 2021

Christmas break up: Fri 17th December 2021

New Year return: Mon 3rd January 2021

Christmas Festival 2020

As the Purity timetable is on hold from Friday 18th December 2019 to Monday 4th January 2020, I have put together some extra goodies for those who can’t wait!


Sexy Workshop Recap – Only open to those who took part in the 2020 Sexy Pole Workshop to Moonlight Predators. An hour to walk through the routine, and dance it with more energy than we had at the 3 hour workshop!
Heels optional, knee pads essential.
Tuesday 22nd Dec 2020 6.15pm. Max 6 spaces. 

Freestyle – Yep, that’s it, just freestyle. A chance for you to bring your favourite song and dance with your tribe, and possibly make some new friends too!
Heels optional, knee pads essential, suitable for Intermediates and Advanced students of Purity.
Tuesday 22nd Dec 7.30pm. Max 6 spaces.

Base Level – A time to work on some lower third spins and tricks, a blend of floor work and pole. Ending with a freestyle to a song with some dark beats to practice the moves.
Heels optional, knee pads essential, suitable for Intermediates and Advanced students of Purity.
Wednesday 23rd Dec 6.15pm. Max 6 spaces.

Pole-A-Fornication – An hour of dirty beats, questionable lyrics or just plain rude songs. This is a sequence led class, expect minimal talking, loud music and sexy outfits.
Knee pads are essential, heels are optional, but they will help inspire your inner minx! Suitable for Intermediates and Advanced students of Purity.
Wednesday 23rd Dec 7.30pm. Max 4 spaces.

Pole-A-Natrix – A 90 minute routine workshop with a difference. The plan is for a socially distant doubles routine, with some Domme/sub themed role play within the dance. No need to have a doubles partner before you book, as you can be paired up on the day. 
Heels optional, knee pads essential, suitable for Intermediates and Advanced students of Purity.
Sunday 27th Dec 11am to 12.30pm. Max 6 spaces.

Sinner Slink – This is why you were on Santa’s naughty list! A time to explore with your hands, be playful and dance dirty. The moves won’t be particularly hard, the focus will be on adding those extra touches to your moves, to become the ultimate tease.
Knee pads are essential, heels are optional. Suitable for Intermediates and Advanced students of Purity.
Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th Dec 6.15pm. Max 6 spaces.

Floor Flux – The poles will be away, and the floor will become your friend. Learn how to slink your way through a routine, and become a Goddess/God of floor flow.
Knee pads are essential, heels are optional. Suitable for Intermediates and Advanced students of Purity.
Monday 28th Dec 7.45pm. Max 6 spaces.

Bookings will open on Friday 11th December at 9.30pm. Bookings only through the website, as quantities will be managed through this page. If you miss out on the class you want please get in touch, as I have an extra evening on Tuesday 29th Dec that I could do more classes if there is enough interest.


Are you a newbie to Purity? Don’t worry you will make new friends in these classes.



Sexy Workshop Recap

6.15pm-7.15pm £12 6 spaces max for Tuesday 22nd Dec 2020

Contact Mobile Number



7.30pm-8.30pm £12 6 spaces max for Tuesday 22nd Dec 2020

Contact Mobile Number



Base Level

6.15pm-7.15pm £12 SOLD OUT


7.30pm-8.30pm £12 SOLD OUT




11am-12.30pm £18 SOLD OUT



Sinner Slink

6.15pm-7.15pm £12 SOLD OUT

Floor Flux

7.45pm-8.45pm £12 6 spaces max for Monday 28th Dec 2020

Contact Mobile Number



Sinner Slink

6.15pm-7.15pm £12 SOLD OUT

The Return Part 2!

On the 2nd December 2020 Purity will be allowed to re-open again this year, to celebrate there will be pay as you go Pole Play classes on Weds 2nd Dec and Thurs 3rd Dec. These will be a mixture of recapping moves, a bit of Freestyle, and also a time for me to test my new warm up!

Please note that Friday 6.15pm Intermediate (please don’t book for Pole Play if you are on this Intermediate class) and 7.30pm Serpent Power will go ahead as normal on the 4th December.

Our usual timetable will resume on Monday 7th December, and spaces will be available to those who were on the classes before Lockdown, so your spaces are safe. The Pole Play classes are not part of the regular classes, they are a one off.

The classes you can pick from are:

Wednesday 2nd Dec
6.15pm Advanced Pole Play
7.30pm Advanced Pole Play
8.45pm Intermediate Pole Play – FULL

Thursday 3rd December
7.30pm Intermediate Pole Play

Please only book using the link below, as these are being quantity managed on the website.


Purity Studio Covid 19 Policy

Hurrah!! Purity Studio is allowed to re-open!!

I am so excited to welcome you all back, but please note there will be a few little changes as we enter back in.

You must read all of this in full.

  • We shall be using the rear entrance to the studio as you can maintain social distance when entering the studio. (Go past the first car park, and take the next left, Purity Studio is the 3rd gate on your left) Click here to see video.
  • Please stay in your car until 5 minutes before the start time, those who walk or cycle and it’s raining please wait by the door, as I will let you in early. All others must stay in your car.
  • Please maintain social distance of 2 metres whilst in the back yard waiting to be let in, even if the door is open, do not come in until you are called. There will be a yellow cleaning sign in the door way, please don’t come in until it’s moved. Anyone not seen to be social distancing on the premises will be told to leave. This goes for everyone, even if you are family or in a bubble.
  • I am requesting that you wear a face covering or visor on arrival
  • Please grab a bucket from outside and put your stuff in there, do not bring more than what can fit in the bucket.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser by the door before entering the building.
  • I will let you know when you can enter, 2 at a time, to use the toilet/wash your hands
  • Once in the studio you will be assigned a pole, please go and clean it with the spray and cloth at the pole.
  • Put your bucket by the little sign near your pole.
  • Jolene will come round to take your temperature with an infrared device. Please do not come to class if you are ill, or if you may have been near someone with Covid 19.
  • Please bring minimal items with you, leave coats in the car. Ideally just your essentials. If you are walking of cycling and need to wear a coat there will be a bin bag for your coat to go in.
  • Please keep your mask or visor on until everyone is in and Jolene has said you can.
  • Have your pole gear on under your clothes, this helps with having minimal items.
  • Jolene will be on the middle pole, and not using other poles to demo.
  • Please try and keep your face and hands in your pole square, legs (Shaunna) are ok to venture out.
  • Take your essentials (shoes/knee pads) to your spot with you, put in the bucket provided. If your items/clothes can’t fit in the bucket then don’t bring them.
  • Warm ups will be done in your pole space, behind your pole.
  • Please do keep your extra layers on to warm up efficiently.
  • The warm up may be a little quieter, as I cannot shout over the loud music, this also means that you may have to concentrate a little harder (sorry Chrissy), and you won’t be able to shout out during the warm ups (sorry Beth).
  • When moving around the studio it is unsafe to have a one way system, so please let me know if you need to travel around, as I will make sure people are out the way.
  • If music is up and you need attention or to move, then please put up your hand.
  • Catch up classes are not available at this time, as I want to prevent the classes mixing.
  • If you want to film yourself in class, this will be done towards the end or at a designated time. There will be a spot to put your phone or camera. Please note you can only do so if you have a holder or tripod, there will be no balancing and trying to place phones on bottles or walls/floor.
  • Do not give your camera to someone else to use. If you want someone to take a photo or video that is fine, so long as they do it on their own device.
  • You must bring your own grip and not share in the class.
  • Treats or snacks will not be permitted.
  • Make sure your water bottle is full, if you need to use the tap then let me know.
  • Please bring your own sweat towel, when not in use it must be placed in your bucket.
  • You cannot borrow knee pads or yoga mats in the studio.
  • Moves may take longer to learn, to ensure the student is not at high risk of a safety spot.
  • Jolene will be wearing a visor when walking the room to help in tricks, there will be no need to move out the way if she comes along. social distance of 2 metres will be in place where possible, unless and emergency spot is required.
  • When the cool down stretch is complete, please put your mask/visor on, clean down your pole, and place your spray and bottle in the orange bucket by the door, and leave your black bucket by the door.
  • You must leave within 5 minutes of the lesson finishing.
  • Put your face covering on when leaving until you are outside, and still try to maintain a social distance of 2m.
  • Please make sure you exit promptly, if there is a lot of waiting around in the car park this could be an issue at the Enterprise Centre.
  • There is time allocated between each lesson to clean down the poles, floor, and handles. This means there won’t be any cross over of classes for the time being.   

Thank you for reading through my new policy. You do not need to remember it all, as I will be there to remind you. Just make sure you know what you need to do on arrival, and I can do the rest.

Please note that if anyone is refusing to follow the policy they will be asked to leave.

Do let me know if you have any questions. Beginner classes will be back once the existing students are back, and things are a little more settled.

I will be doing everything I can to keep you safe, but please be aware that I cannot guarantee a Covid 19 free zone, the risk is still there.

If you think you may have been in contact with some one who has Covid 19, please do not come to the Studio!

I know emotions are high, and you will all want to scream and hug, instead please jump up and down and get your giddiness out in the back yard!

I can’t wait to be back with you all!!

Love Jolene


Some quick bits for you:

  • Use the rear entrance
  • Social distance of 2m in the car park, back yard, and entrance
  • Wear a face covering/visor on arrival and leaving
  • Stay outside/in your car until 5 minutes before class
  • Bring minimal stuff, leave coats in the car, all items must fit in the bucket provided
  • Don’t forget your knee pads and shoes, as I can’t lend any
  • Bring your own sweat towel
  • Phone/camera should have its own tripod of holder
  • No catch ups available
  • Pole gear on under clothes
  • Bring your own full water bottle
  • Let Jolene know if you need to walk across the studio
  • Smile cause we are back!

Purity Studio Cleaning Policy – Reference Covid 19

There will be a gap in-between classes for the instructor, Jolene to clean down all poles, and floor areas. Along with the storage units, door handles, and any other surfaces that students may come into contact with.

Tricky Tuesdays Online

As we are moving forward in this lockdown, Purity is introducing Tricky Tuesdays as part of the the online lesson package. This is only available to those who were on Purity Pole Tricks before the lockdown. The cost is £6 per class.

Once you have confirmed your time slot, please pay here:


Purity Studio VS Covid19

As some of you are aware, due to the extra measures put in place to fight Covid19, Purity Studio has had to shut it’s doors temporarily.

During the next few weeks we shall be going online with a mixture of lessons that you can take part in, in the safety of your own home, or perhaps in your garden.

There will be Intermediate Pole Dance, Advanced Pole Dance, Chrome Conditioning, Pilates and Floor Work. I am also looking to do some stretch n’ flex sessions and trial Half Hour to Power.

There will be a timetable, some of the classes will be evening time, and others during the day, you’ll have the choice of watching live, or catching up later. The Warm up for the Pole Dance, Chrome Conditioning and Floor work will be pre recorded, and you will need to do the warm up before the live session starts, or make sure you have done your own warm up in preparation. This is due to music licensing. You can have your own music on at home, but all the lessons apart from the Half Hour to Power will be me talking.

The cost is £12 per week to current students of Purity. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pole at home, as you will still be able to do all the classes, apart from the Pole Dance ones.

You can still pay your normal way either by bank or through the website.
You will need a Facebook account, and friend me, Jolene Whiting.
I will then add you to the relevant FB private groups. (Int Pole Dance/Adv Pole Dance/Purity Conditioning)

I am aware that this is an incredibly difficult time for all of us, and I did not take closing the studio lightly. I am still struggling with this. I am hoping that by continuing to teach online to you, it will help me as well as help all of you too. We can get through this if we all pull together.

With that in mind I am planning some virtual meet ups, so feel free to download the Google Meets app. This will be for those who are planning to be involved with Purity’s Online lessons.

I appreciate all the support you have given me, some have been in touch personally, as well as showing support through the Purity groups and pages, I cannot thank you enough. It feels like a part of me is being put on hold right now, I am sure you feel the same in many ways regarding your lives too.

For those who would like to support further, I would be ever grateful. As some of those on multiple classes have asked, yes you would be welcome to continue your same payment, you can change the amount to be less, or if any one wants to make a one off payment towards the studio, you are more than welcome. Please note that if you are struggling with jobs, and money right now, please do not make donations. We need to put our own health and needs first to keep strong.

On a side note, if you are one of my current students with job/money issues right now, and want to do the online lessons, please contact me directly.

The online lessons will be starting on Monday 23rd March in the evening, details will follow on that morning. If you have not expressed an interest to me personally, or via my recent FB or Insta posts, then please do get in touch. If you have classes left to take this coming week, they can go towards the online lessons, or I can put on hold for you, ready for our return, because we will return!

Thank you again for your support, and I hope to see you online very soon.

With lots of love, unicorns and booty bounces


Christmas Festival of Classes

As the Purity timetable is on hold from the Thursday 19th December 2019 to the 6th January 2020, I have put together some extra goodies for those who can’t wait!

Lap Dance WorkshopAn hour to learn some divine tips on how to wind up your partner. Heels not essential, knee pads might be needed, bring a shirt or tie up bikini to go over your clothes. Friday 27th Dec 2019 6.15pm 

FreestyleYep, that’s it, just freestyle. A chance for you to bring your favourite song, and we’ll have a group Make It Rain as the last one of the year! Friday 27th Dec 7.20pm

TwerkshopThis will be a 3 hour workshop, using Bring it Back by Travis Porter. A fast paced dance, great for working off all that cheese and chocolate! Knee pads and trainers needed. Saturday 28th Dec 11am to 2pm

Stripper Style FlowWe shall be learning a new Freedom Dance, which focuses on stripper style, think heels, touching, grinding, hair flicks, all the oozeyness! Heels optional. Bring a shirt or t-shirt that can be stripped off. Thursday 2nd Jan 6.15pm

Pole-A-FornicationAn hour of dirty beats, questionable lyrics or just plain rude songs. This is a sequence led class, expect minimal talking, loud music and sexy outfits. Knee pads are essential, heels are optional, but they will help inspire your inner minx! Thursday 2nd Jan 7.20pm

Spinny PoleA one hour workshop creating a pretty flow routine, using spinny poles. Friday 3rd Jan 6.15pm 

Serpent PowerA sequence led dance meditation session, very sensual, and great for those who either do Serpent, or would like to try it. We shall be using some of the Serpent Greatest hits from 2019. Knee pads essential. Heels Optional. Friday 3rd Jan 7.20pm

The Twerkshop and Lap Dance is available to anyone, as pole experience is not necessary. The pole classes are for intermediate and advanced students, or for those who have completed at least a beginner pole course in the last 6 months.



Lap Dance Workshop

6.15pm-7.15pm £10 SOLD OUT for Friday 27th December 2019

Contact Mobile Number



7.20pm-8.20pm £10 SOLD OUT for Friday 27th December 2019 (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)

Contact Mobile Number




11am-2pm £20 SOLD OUT for Saturday 28th December 2019

Contact Mobile Number



Stripper Style Flow

6.15pm-7.15pm £10 2 spaces left for Thursday 2nd January 2020 (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)

Contact Mobile Number



7.20pm-8.20pm £10 1 space left for Thursday 2nd January 2020 (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)

Contact Mobile Number



spinny pole

6.15pm-7.15pm £10 SOLD OUT (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)

Contact Mobile Number


Serpent Power  

7.20pm-8.20pm £10 2 spaces left for Friday 3rd January 2020 (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)

Contact Mobile Number

Puri-Tease Show Spring 2019

Our next show is less than 3 months away, this will be Puri-Tease for Spring time!

Show will be Sunday 12th May at 3pm at the Purity Studio, Andover.Rehearsals are on:
1 – Sunday 24th March 2019 – 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 1.30pm to 2.30pm
2 – Saturday 27th April 2019 – 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Dress rehearsal:
Saturday 11th May 2019 – 2pm to 3pm and 3pm to 4pm

You also get a 30 minute private lesson and 2 show tickets!

    • Enrolment deadline is Friday 22nd March 2019
    • Spaces are limited to a total of 10
    • Enrolment is £49 which can only be paid via the website

  • Show will be at 3pm on Sunday 12th May 2019.
  • You only enrol once, but there may be a chance of doing more than one routine.
  • If you are only doing a doubles routine, both of you still have to enrol.
  • More tickets will be available to purchase closer to the time, but yourself and one other get in for free.
  • The 30 minute private will need to be scheduled in at a time that suits.
  • You need to pick a time for your rehearsal 1 and 2.
  • So long as you have completed beginner pole dance, then you are allowed to enrol and take part.
  • You do not need to be an advanced student, you just have to want to do it!
  • Full payment is required even if not all rehearsals can be made, but I strongly suggest you attend them.