Purity Workshop – June 2010

Thank you to all who came to the workshop on Saturday 5th June at the Purity Studio, even though it was hard work it was still a lot of fun. There was quite a range of students; there were some from my classes in Reading and other purity locations, and some that had travelled from Middlesex and Kent!

We started on the dot at 11am with the Trick Class. Emma assisted me in this class, so that all the students could achieve new things on the pole relevant to their level.

We done a routine to ‘Pump It’ by Black Eyed Peas, despite the sweaty hands all managed to put in inverts which looked very impressive, sorry if the song was running through your head for 2 days after!

The strength class with Steph proved to be rather tough, she seemed all sweet and like butter wouldn’t melt when she arrived, but once she got teaching we all realised how hardcore she was! The 30 minutes was pack full of squats, planks, tricep dips, press ups and other power moves, we all struggled through it and got some good moves to take away with us to help us with pole moves.

The yoga stretch at the end was well needed! Sophie took us through a gentle and relaxing cool down, which ended up revitalising everyone for their journeys home.

The feedback from this workshop has been fantastic, I am planning the next one to run in a couple of months.

Here are some photos from the routine workshop, strength class and yoga taken by Jason Parlour.

Well done everyone!


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