Pole Fitness report on BBC today

So there has been a fairly good bit of publicity for pole on the BBC today. I feel the BBC did good to bring to pole to the world without any smut. Although I couldn’t help by be concerned about the student who seemed to of broken lots of bones through pole, while yes it can be a dangerous activity at times, respect is needed for the pole, but you shouldn’t be in the habit of breaking bones!

The person who ran at the pole and jumped on was a little worrying, along with the dodgy spotting techniques.

Overall it was nice to see it not being called stripper pole on daytime TV. Yes it has origins but doesn’t mean we all strip in class. Was also great to see many ages taking part in a mixed gender class, too many pole schools discriminate against men, we at Purity don’t.

Click here. It is worth a watch 🙂

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