Purity Pole Levels **UPDATE**

So this year Purity has been going through some big changes. I have made my beginner course accessible to those who want to wear leggings. After all, it’s about how you move, not what you wear! That being said the content on beginner pole dance has changed, which has had a knock on effect to the rest of the classes.

Also I have stopped teaching pole tricks, which includes all the big inverts. You will no longer be able to climb the trick ladder with Purity, as we are more focussed on the dance side of things. Don’t be fooled, floor work is hard! There will still be some inverts practiced, but it will only be those that have some relevance to lower third pole tricks. These will be of main focus: Strong Basic Invert, Scorpio, Gemini, Inverted V, Super Girl and Shoulder Mount.

I have been working on my syllabus for all the levels, and have added in a new level to run as the next level up from Beginners, this is called Improvers. If you were in the old Improver class, it is now called Intermediate. If you were in the old Intermediate class, it is now called Advance. This is just a name change, none of you have moved times, except for the handful of students I have spoken to already.

I have also added in an extra Freestyle Class on a Thursday to try and eat up some of the waiting list. Spaces went like delicious hot cakes, to those first on the list.

If you have any questions, by all means give me a shout. Thank you for bearing with me, whilst I am trying to make Purity an even better place, along with keeping up with the demand, and also trying to remain sane… ish…

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