Purity Studio VS Covid19

As some of you are aware, due to the extra measures put in place to fight Covid19, Purity Studio has had to shut it’s doors temporarily.

During the next few weeks we shall be going online with a mixture of lessons that you can take part in, in the safety of your own home, or perhaps in your garden.

There will be Intermediate Pole Dance, Advanced Pole Dance, Chrome Conditioning, Pilates and Floor Work. I am also looking to do some stretch n’ flex sessions and trial Half Hour to Power.

There will be a timetable, some of the classes will be evening time, and others during the day, you’ll have the choice of watching live, or catching up later. The Warm up for the Pole Dance, Chrome Conditioning and Floor work will be pre recorded, and you will need to do the warm up before the live session starts, or make sure you have done your own warm up in preparation. This is due to music licensing. You can have your own music on at home, but all the lessons apart from the Half Hour to Power will be me talking.

The cost is £12 per week to current students of Purity. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pole at home, as you will still be able to do all the classes, apart from the Pole Dance ones.

You can still pay your normal way either by bank or through the website.
You will need a Facebook account, and friend me, Jolene Whiting.
I will then add you to the relevant FB private groups. (Int Pole Dance/Adv Pole Dance/Purity Conditioning)

I am aware that this is an incredibly difficult time for all of us, and I did not take closing the studio lightly. I am still struggling with this. I am hoping that by continuing to teach online to you, it will help me as well as help all of you too. We can get through this if we all pull together.

With that in mind I am planning some virtual meet ups, so feel free to download the Google Meets app. This will be for those who are planning to be involved with Purity’s Online lessons.

I appreciate all the support you have given me, some have been in touch personally, as well as showing support through the Purity groups and pages, I cannot thank you enough. It feels like a part of me is being put on hold right now, I am sure you feel the same in many ways regarding your lives too.

For those who would like to support further, I would be ever grateful. As some of those on multiple classes have asked, yes you would be welcome to continue your same payment, you can change the amount to be less, or if any one wants to make a one off payment towards the studio, you are more than welcome. Please note that if you are struggling with jobs, and money right now, please do not make donations. We need to put our own health and needs first to keep strong.

On a side note, if you are one of my current students with job/money issues right now, and want to do the online lessons, please contact me directly.

The online lessons will be starting on Monday 23rd March in the evening, details will follow on that morning. If you have not expressed an interest to me personally, or via my recent FB or Insta posts, then please do get in touch. If you have classes left to take this coming week, they can go towards the online lessons, or I can put on hold for you, ready for our return, because we will return!

Thank you again for your support, and I hope to see you online very soon.

With lots of love, unicorns and booty bounces


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