The Return Part 2!

On the 2nd December 2020 Purity will be allowed to re-open again this year, to celebrate there will be pay as you go Pole Play classes on Weds 2nd Dec and Thurs 3rd Dec. These will be a mixture of recapping moves, a bit of Freestyle, and also a time for me to test my new warm up!

Please note that Friday 6.15pm Intermediate (please don’t book for Pole Play if you are on this Intermediate class) and 7.30pm Serpent Power will go ahead as normal on the 4th December.

Our usual timetable will resume on Monday 7th December, and spaces will be available to those who were on the classes before Lockdown, so your spaces are safe. The Pole Play classes are not part of the regular classes, they are a one off.

The classes you can pick from are:

Wednesday 2nd Dec
6.15pm Advanced Pole Play
7.30pm Advanced Pole Play
8.45pm Intermediate Pole Play – FULL

Thursday 3rd December
7.30pm Intermediate Pole Play

Please only book using the link below, as these are being quantity managed on the website.


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