Aerial Hoop Classes are coming to Andover in 2014!

I am very excited to announce that I have found a fantastic venue for teaching Aerial Hoop classes!

The location will be in Ludgershall, a few minutes down the road from Andover. I will soon be organising an intro day, and will most likely put up some poles as well as the hoop for people to come and try out.

If you are already having lessons with Purity, then your second course will have a discount.

Aerial Hoop is a great workout, but also fun. It will make you feel like a kid on a swing in a playground when you first start… actually that feeling never quite goes! 🙂

You are welcome to contact me through the website if you would like to be the first to find out when I start these lessons.

Side Star

Free Pole Dancing Lesson / Pay as you go pole dancing / Aerial Hoop classes

I have quite a few changes and special offers to Purity Pole Dancing in Reading for February.

Pay as you Pole
I am introducing 2 pay as you go classes, called Pay as you Pole. These can be booked on the day of the class up until 5pm, a discount is offered when booking 3 classes in one go. These are very different than the courses, as there is a maximum of 2 per pole, beginners and experienced polers are welcome. This means the classes are much more trick based, so routines and spinny pole will not be taught. These classes are particularly good for those not able to commit to a regular course. Current Purity students on courses get Pay as you Pole classes for half price.

Pay as you Pole will be on Tuesdays at 8.05pm and Thursdays at 8.35pm, from 19th February 2013, £10 per class, £25 for booking 3 classes, £5 for existing Purity Course payers, click here.

Aerial Hoop
A new discipline to come to Purity Pole, is Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra. I have found there to be a fair few similarities to pole, which has been making it incredible fun to learn. The Hoop is steel, and a range of tricks and poses are taught in and on the Hoop, along with some routines. I am introducing beginners Hoop with a maximum of 3 students per Hoop.

Aerial Hoop will be on Mondays at 7pm and 8.05pm from the 18th February 2013, the 4 week course is £40, click here.

Free Introductory Class
For the month of February 2013, you can join Purity and have your first pole class for free. This offer is for your very first class either in the Beginners pole class, Intermediate pole class, or in a Pay as you Pole class. Please note you must contact Purity to book, and claim your FREE pole dancing lesson.

All pole dancing classes and aerial hoop lessons are taught in the Purity Studio in Reading, Berkshire.