Pole Club – Andover

1st pole Club

Last night was our first of many Pole Club‘s, it was fully booked, and next week is now fully booked as well!

In these first 2 weeks of the new Purity Studio being open, we have had beginner pole fitness classes, intermediate pole dancing lessons, and INSANITY. The classes have been buzzing in the heat.

Andover has some of the most supportive pole dancing students I have known, and their dedication to get together and come to pole club on a Friday, and bring cakes, is something for Andover to be proud of.

All are learning to pole dance for fun and fitness, whilst creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Special offers for all fitness classes are available, Pole Club is free to those on aerial courses or memberships.

All spaces are limited, as we believe in running small classes (1 per pole), to allow good safe practice of all moves.


Aerial Hoop starts on Tuesday. So our timetable is looking tasty.

Your first lesson is free, so what are you waiting for? 🙂

Purity Workshop / New Beginner Classes

Hello Pole Dancers

The details are now live on the website for the Purity Pole Workshop, this will be held at the Purity Studio on Saturday 5th June and will be £55 for 4 hours of training, 1 x pole tricks class, 1 x pole routine workshop, 30 minutes of strength building for pole, 30 minute Yoga Stretch at the end. This is limited to 10 spaces and is suitable for Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate level, you must be to Invert confidently. http://www.puritystudio.com/events.html

Class News

New beginner class starting 2nd June at 6.30pm. There are currently some Intermediate spaces on a few classes.

Next beginner class will be starting on the 20th May at a later time of 8.30pm.

West Byfleet:
The extra night at West Byfleet will be starting on Wednesday 26th May, Beginners at 6.30pm and Intermediates at 7.30pm. All classes here will be in E14 from Monday 24th May,

New Beginner class starting on the 25th May at 6.30pm, Intermediate spaces are available on 25th May at 8.30pm.

New beginner class starting on 25th May at 7.30pm.

We are very sorry to say that Lisa will be leaving Purity, which means that our first ever Purity location will be stopping pole Dancing lessons. I will be there on the last class with Lisa doing a 2 hour jam on Tuesday 18th May. If you are not booked on to a current course but would like to do the jam at Twickenham, then please get in touch.

Beginners and Intermediate classes are available at Reading, West Byfleet, Datchet, Wraysbury, and Godalming. Please see the Purity website for the timetable and current availability.

– If you are already on Purity Course in any location then you can do extra classes at the Purity Studio in Reading for just £9.
– Buy 4 private lessons and get the 5th one FREE!!!
– Free group class when you buy a new Xpole through Purity
– Free private class when you buy a new Xstage through Purity

All Purity classes/parties must be paid for in advance either by card through the website, or by bank transfer.

Kind regards


Purity Pole Dancing
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‘Pure Fitness, Pure Fun’

All bookings are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions:

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Please note that with all Purity classes they are lessons rather than pole jams, which means you must follow the teachers instruction rather than swapping moves with each other. We believe this is the safest way to run classes, especially as all the teachers have been trained on how to teach moves safely and can work out if you are ready for certain moves. If you see someone doing a new move and would like to give it a go then by all means ask your teacher, I’m sure they will be happy to teach it to you, or give you advice on what moves will get you ready for it.