Fantastic Weekend!

I have been out and enjoying the lovely hot weather this weekend, yesterday I went to Camden with Jason and had my Cyberdog Audition at 12.30pm. I was there ready to dance in time to some funky house (the hard music doesn’t kick in until later in the day), I went on the pole for 20 minutes, after about 10 minutes of high energy bouncing I was covered in sweat making it very difficult to pole. I was extremely hot after my 20 minutes but was very pleased to find out that I had passed!!!

I will have my first shift on Saturday 29th May 1pm-6pm!! I’m going to dig out all my old skool Cyber gear ready.

After my audition we went to Covent Garden to see a Chinese Pole act. This guy was recommended to us from someone else in Equity. We turned up just in time to see Ruben (think that’s his name) start his performance, he was very comical during his show which made him extra interesting to watch. His moves were incredible, but they all involved him risking his life for his art. If you are in Covent Garden at weekends then do try to go and see him, look out on Jason’s blog as he got some photos of him.

Just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, I find out that a friend of a friend is looking for help with their horse, Zela. So now I have a new horse to look after a couple of days a week!

Glastonbury 2009!!

WOW what an amazing time Jason and I had, this year was easily the best festival I have ever been too.

There was not too much rain, despite it being forecast for each day we were there! We watched some storms from the tent on Thursday evening, every streak of lightning was followed by a massive cheer. The mud soon dried up, and the scorching hot sun came out. I had a psychic reading done in the healing fields by a lady called Lynne Lauren (029 2021 3701). I have been skeptical about things like this in the past but decided to go for it on this occasion and I was blown away. She was so spot on and accurate I would recommend her to anyone! She also does phone readings.

I saw one of my favourite techno DJ’s – Geezer, at the G-Stage on Friday at 4pm, the sun came out as the Acid Techno came on. He started the set as he meant to carry on, very hard, no messing about building up a set, we were straight in there.

I wondered to Trash City on Friday night, and walked in to the big area as the Circus show was on. The best way I can describe it was it looked like a nightmare!! The fire was coming out of the set, there was a scary man on stage playing metal tunes, and threw in Pendulums Voodoo People for fun, whilst the tunes were playing there was 2 hoops with girls dressed in black doing some funky moves on them, fire twirlers came out on to the podiums and then instead of the hoops 2 alien like creatures came down on a rope doing a very freaky set. Apart from the Aliens the Circus show at Trash City may of looked like your worst nightmare, it was actually my idea of heaven!

Photo of Trash city from Saturday

Saturday we were in the Circus tent for a couple of hours, we mainly went there to see Bongo Belero which we heard was going to have some Chinese pole within the act. So we got some space at the front and waited patiently for him. When he came on he was doing a Russian themed act, and needed 3 big men to sit on his 3 chairs which was supporting the pole. Next he scoured the audience looking for a beautiful girl to assist him, I was gobsmacked when he stopped suddenly on me lol He called me up and showed me what I needed to do and then he started the act with a bit of chinese pole. Next he climbed up the top and was balancing on his hands doing all these amazing holds. Whilst this was hapening it was my job to run round and spin the top, I had a Twix in front of my face for motivation lol. After he was done we all gave a bow and I sat down, and ate my Twix, I was a happy bunny!

We watched some more acts including a Silks and Trapeze. The last act we watched in the Big Top was the Black Eagles. We had already heard a lot about them last year but never got round to seeing them. There are 5 in the Black Eagles and I was wondering whether they are in fact human as some of the stuff they were doing was truly phenominal!! The music was Carribean type and the Eagles were constantly dancing if they were not doing tricks. The crowd was very hyped up watching extreemly fast back flips, fire limbo and at the end all 5 were balancing on each other and creating massive shapes, how they didn’t fall I don’t know!

Pendulum rocked it big time on Other Stage on Saturday night. I have seen many bands play and never have I seen so many people jumping and dancing throughout a whole set! Their Metallica remix was definatley the highlight for me. Since coming home I have now gone online and bought more of their music! You can see their set here: Pendulum’s Set

Just as I thought the weekend couldn’t of got any better, I met Woody, Buzz Light Year, and a Teletubbie!

Some other highlights:
I sat in a hole

Slept in a bird nest

Done a Flag on a Flag pole

Got career advice from a 7 year old
Bought a joke
Saw dragon flies having sex
Saw a Badger on the way there