Classes During the Festive Season!

Andover – Christmas Goodies
Purity Studio, Unit 36, Walworth Enterprise Centre, West Way, Andover SP10 5AP
Once on West Way, you’ll see a big building on your left saying
Walworth Enterprise Centre, turn left and go into the main centre
carpark. There are units all around, number 36 is on the right hand side,
up the stairs. 

**Bookings will open on this page on Friday 30th November 2018**

All pole classes are 1 student per pole!

*Booking Policy – PLEASE READ*

You must complete a minimum of 5 weeks at Beginner level before signing up for Pole-A-Fornication or the Stripper Style Pole Jam.
Please note the Pole Tricks class is only open to those who already do Pole Tricks with Purity.

Classes over the Festive Time

Stripper Style Pole Jam – Saturday 29th December 2018 – 2pm-3pm & 3.10pm to 4.10pm
A Freestyle hour, where the tunes play none stop, we all add our fave slinky and slow tracks, ranging from- R’n’B to Rock to Filth.
Pole Tricks – Thursday 3rd January 2019 – 6.15pm-7.15pm
For those that don’t want to miss 2 weeks, come and get your conditioning in, and boost your metabolism during the festive season!
Pole-A-Fornication – Thursday 3rd January 2019 – 7.20pm-8.20pm and 8.25pm-9.25pm
An hour of dirty beats, questionable lyrics or just plain rude songs. This is a sequence led class, expect minimal talking, loud music and sexy outfits. Knee pads are essential, heels are optional, but they will help inspire your inner minx!


Stripper style freestyle saturday 29th Dec 2018 2pm-3pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)


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Stripper style freestyle saturday 29th Dec 2018 3.10pm-4.10pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)
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Pole Tricks Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 6.15pm-7.15pm £10 2 spaces for Thurs 3rd Jan 2019 for PAYG (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)


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Pole-a-fornication thursday 3rd jan 2019 7.20pm-8.20pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)


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Pole-a-fornication thursday 3rd jan 2019 8.25pm-9.25pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)


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Half Hour to Power is now Pay As You Go!

HHTP has now been updated to just Mondays and Wednesdays at 5.20pm, pay as you go is now available for this HiiT class, at just £5.50. You can also book in blocks if you want to commit to 5 weeks as well.

This is a great way to boost your fitness and stamina in just a 30 minute class. It is surprising what half an hour can do to you. There are various options for the moves, so it’s ok if you are a hardcore fitness fanatic or a brand new beginner getting off that sofa! You are all welcome at Purity.

Half Hour to Power 6am

Our 6am HHTP class is back! Are you ready to start on Tuesday 26th September?

Our 30 min class will wake you up and get you ready for your day ahead. Don’t be fooled by the fact it is only half an hour, you will be surprised at how hard you can push yourself!

This is for all ages over 16, so long as you are healthy, then any fitness level is welcome. There are high and low options for everyone.

Advance bookings only, as we only have a maximum of 10 in a class, join our small team!

Book anytime for Half Hour to Power with Purity!

Due to the success of Half Hour to Power, we are now modifying the booking system, so you can now book in for HHTP on any Monday, so long as there is space. Rather than waiting for next available block.

The blocks are still the same price, and time:
SILVER = 3 x 30 mins per week for 5 weeks £75
GOLD = 4 x 30 mins per week for 5 weeks with Fat Burning Protein and Nutrition £95

With HHTP you have to commit to succeed, and the 5 weeks is ample time for you to get into a routine of a 30 min power workout once a day.  newfloor2

If you are not sure if HHTP is for you, then you can now have a 1 week taster, £10 for 3 x 30 min classes. This is only available once per person.

We use high intensity interval training, to get the most out of the work out in a short amount of time. Low and high impact options are given for all moves, meaning you can work out as hard as you can, and at your own pace.

As the classes are kept small, they have a lovely team vibe, with a maximum of 12 participants, ensuring good technique is carried out.

To follow your increase on fitness, the fitness tests will be once every 5 weeks on a Saturday, these are free to those booked on for either Silver or Gold. It is not compulsory to do the fitness test, but you will notice more changes doing the fitness test, the increased fitness will motivate you more.

HHTP can be addictive though, the first one launched on Monday 3rd November 2014, at 6pm and so far everyone has been rebooking, new participants have joined, and we have had to open up a later time of 6.40pm to accommodate everyone.

Click here to book on today, and start Monday!


Train INSANE With Me!!! New INSANITY Classes in Spring 2014!

Train INSANE with JoleneYay!! I am so excited!! I completed my INSANITY Instructor training with Beach Body yesterday. The first part of out training was to take part in a real INSANITY class, which was so tough, but we all felt like Rockstars at the end of it!

By the end of this week I would have completed the 60 INSANITY DVD Challenge, and the changes so far to my fitness level and my abs definition, has given me motivation to keep pushing myself. The beauty of INSANITY, is that it doesn’t matter what your fitness level, everyone can push themselves to the max. You may be able to do 30 jumps, you may only be able to do 2, but the point is the same for everyone, to push hard and get results.

I started the 60 day challenge this year, as i wanted something I could do at home, that would challenge me, along with being something I hadn’t done before. On starting the challenge, I had no idea I would end up going on Instructor training, but the opportunity came along, and I wanted to share it more.

I have become very passionate about INSANITY, how it makes you feel, and what it can do for your body. I used to struggle getting up in the mornings, but now i bounce out of bed 90 minutes earlier than i used to, and can’t wait to get on with it! I think it has given me determination to push myself in other areas of my life, INSANITY is so tough, that whenever I complete a workout, I feel as though I can take on the world… well after a shower and re-fuel 😉

I am looking into start dates for this gem of a workout, so either contact me through the website to register your interest, or sign up to the mailing list. I am looking to run classes in Andover, Ludgershall/Tidworth and Basingstoke.