Purity Studio – Andover, Hampshire

The new Purity Studio opened it’s doors in Andover, Hampshire, on Thursday 3rd July 2014. The evening started well, with the first pole dancing class ever to be held there, being full!

All pole dancing lessons are 1 student per pole, giving plenty of pole fitness time to each1005094_10151460539297085_1771427998_n student. Jolene has over 10 years of teaching pole dancing, and performing, and even been a UK Finalist for Miss Pole Dance 2008. She enjoys teaching all aspects of pole, from pole dancing routines, to pole fitness.

Aerial Hoop classes also known as Lyra will be starting on Tuesday 15th July 2014, with a maximum of 3 per hoop. Jolene completed her Aerial Hoop Instructor training with Spin City in Newbury.

INSANITY Live classes are set to start on Tuesday 15th July 2014, this high intensity plyometric interval training, will push you to the max, and get your metabolism high, to increase fat loss. Jolene completed her training with Beachbody UK in April 2014, and has also completed the 60 Day INSANITY challenge.

Summer Offers:

  • All 6 week Hoop and Pole courses are £60
  • Your first lesson with Purity is free for either Pole, Hoop or INSANITY
  • Memberships are available
  • Loyalty PAYG scheme

Future plans for the Studio include, more day time classes of Aerial Hoop, Pole Fitness and INSANITY, for adults as well as children.

1st class

Purity Twerkshop

Saturday 1st March 2014
12.45pm to 2.45pmThe Studio, Dummer Down Farm, Dummer, Basingstoke, Hants, RG25 2AR
The Studio is straight in front of you, as you turn into Dummer Down Farm. The entrance is to the right of the studio.

TwerkshopCome and learn to twerk with Purity, this is purely a twerking workshop, so none polers are very welcome. We will be learning a fun booty popping routine.

Please come along wearing something that makes you feel good, knee protection is advisable, leg warmers, or long socks that go over the knees work well. You need to be able to slide easily over the wooden floor with knees and feet. Ideally no trousers, as you’ll wanna be able to see your jelly shaking 😉

This will be a fun day, so be prepared to giggle lots!

You are welcome to bring cameras, and anyone who doesn’t want to be in shot, will not be in any videos.

Advance bookings only.

6 spaces left – £15 (£16 when paying by Paypal)

November Madness!

This past month has flown by so fast, with so many things taking place. End of October saw the start of the Andover classes, by a charity night in aid of the Jamie G Sporting Trust, in total for the event and leading up to it we made £50, so thank you to all that took part and donated too. Classes are now running regularly in Andover at Progression Fitness.

Camberley classes has got off to a rocking start, with many students from Reading attending, along with some of the old school Camberley students coming back.

We had the last ever show at the Studio on 10th November, lots of slinky performances, including a free style challenge from me. My wonderful boyfriend brought cupcakes for my Birthday treat, and a balloon in the shape of a pole dancer!

On Saturday I am hosting the last workshop at the studio, the theme will be Stripper Style, this got booked up within 24 hours, so I’m sure it will be a hit.

Next week will be the last week at the Purity Studio, a place which has been my second home for over 5 years, we will celebrate by having party classes 🙂

Jolene Freestyle at the Last Show at the Purity Studio from Jolene Redtrip on Vimeo.

Defy Gravity hosts Stripper Style on Tour

Our new show is officially on tour, with the second show being hosted by Jamie Taylor at Defy Gravity in Pembrokeshire in October 2013! It was a long drive, but I was fortunate enough to make it into a little holiday for a few days.

I danced along side the other Strpperettes – Jamie Taylor, Tess Taylor, Robyn Rooke and Lisa Williams.

We each did 2 hot n sexy dances, with the focus being on pole flow, dance and floor work. Tricks were thrown in for good measure, but we were not being trick junkies on the night. We showcased the sensual side of pole, which is something sadly is getting lost through the pole fitness world.

At the end of the night we took part in a Pole-a-polooza! This was where the fast tricks came out, as we gave it our all at the end.

The video below is of my first routine, I will be using my special collar and lead performance at the next show in London in February.


Here is a little show reel I put together from the night

Purity Presents Stripper Style Show

I held the first Stripper Style Showcase on Sunday 9th June, at Hotel de Vie in Farnham.Jolene We had a wonderful evening full of very sexy pole routines, from some gorgeous ladies.

Some who pole dance with Purity, and others who are friends of mine. All the professionals had been dancing for around 10 years, and had got into it for the love of dancing more than the spectacular tricks.

So this evening was more about showing the dance side more than the tricks.




Here are the videos which have been upload to Youtube from some of the girls:

Sally-Ann and Anne Marie Workshops

Back in April I was lucky enough to meet Anne Marie Davies at 360 Pole School in Bristol. She came all the way from Hollywood to bring us her Joy of Sexy Workshop. We barely touched the pole for the 90 minutes, and we all felt super hot by the end of it. She taught us how to walk in heels, crawl, and how to look like you are having a good time on the pole. Even though some of us had been dancing for over a decade, I think we all learnt new bits from her, it was such fun.

The next day Sally-Ann Giles came to my little Purity Studio in Reading, it was mainly Purity students, with a few extra friends who came along, and we learnt a cheeky routine from the amazing Sally-Ann. We are waiting for her to create a new routine, as we want her back asap!

Jolene and Sally Ann

Jolene and Sally Ann


Jolene and Anne Maries Davies

Jolene and Anne Marie Davies


Pole Dancing for 10 Years!!

This month has been my 10 year anniversary for starting to pole dance. I had no idea when I first took a pole dancing course in London, that I would become so addicted. Over the past 10 years I have danced at many locations, from Art Galleries, to coming out of a box at Torture Garden on New Years Eve! I have taught 1000’s of woman to pole and about 40 men, ranging from hen parties to courses to private lessons.

As much as I have loved dancing and working out on the pole, it has been more than that. Pole has always been there for me, through good times and bad. It’s funny to say that it is more than just pole, but it is. It has even given me a job, a wonderful job, teaching so many students. Students who brighten up my week, give me inspiration and make me laugh. It has made me a performer, and shown me that I can do amazing things with my body, that years ago I never thought possible.

It has even got me on TV, on the Radio, in Newspapers and in magazines!

I have met some incredible people through pole, been on fantastic adventures, and loved it. Pole has come so far, from the one course being offered in London, and now vast amounts of towns now holding pole lessons. From the early days of MyPole.co.uk, before Google videos, it was a small community, a large potion being strippers, and now today, the community is huge, so many competitions, and the massive amount of people pole dancing are now doing so more for fun and fitness, than for stripping. It has grown to be more than ‘just a fad’.

I am hoping there will be another 10 years of pole for me, as it has been a blessing on my life.

Jolene on the pole


The Halloween Showcase was a Hit!

The effort that went into this night, made it the best showcase we have ever done. It has been 4 years since we hosted a showcase at the studio, but I think we may hold future ones here, it worked really well.

Helena helped with the deco, and gave up a lot of her time to help me put it all up, but every second was worth it!

Helen and Jenny came and done theatrical make up for those who wanted it, making our corpse bride, zombies and dolls all the more creepy!

I would like to do a theme for the next showcase, as everyone seemed to really get into character, which just added so much more to the night.

We had a great selection of home made cakes, most of which were gone by the end of the night.

Tanny did a fab job hosting, filling the gaps with her magic tricks that stunned everyone! I do think she is a witch!

Here are a few links to routines, which have been uploaded to Youtube:

Jolene as a Creepy Doll

Mandy’s take on ‘The Crow’

Ruth as the Living Dead Girl