What can 6 months can do for a business?..

A LOT!! That is the answer! It has been 6 months since opening the new Purity Studio in Andover, Hampshire, and the support has been overwhelming! I left the Reading studio, to move to little Andover, not knowing what the call would be like, and whether I would ever have another studio or not. I have been surprised at just how big Purity has got, since I moved here!

Starting with only 2 pole classes a week, then to growing to 4, the call for pole has been so1st class high, that we now have 6 classes, as 5 have been consistently full. Not only do we do pole fitness, but we also hold Authentic pole classes now, which have been ever so popular. All of our pole classes are 1 student per pole, given students ample pole time, with no waiting around.


photo 2I have been introducing more and more people to the art that is Aerial Hoop, a first for Andover I believe. This has also stretched to teaching children as young as 7.

Two months ago I launched the new get fit in 5 weeks HiiT course – Half Hour to Power. In only 3 x 30 minute sessions per week, students can increase fat loss, and gain fitness rapidly, whilst not losing much time in their day. With the 6pm class getting full as no one wants to leave, I have introduced a later one at 6.40pm.

Purity has a reputation for small and friendly classes, with a focus on technique and individual needs.

As the past 6 months have been so successful, we are now having a brand new floor putPS Launch down, so this means no more carpet, and all poles will no longer be Xstages, they will be floor to ceiling Xpoles for all the lucky students.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2015, with shows, more classes, more workshops, and perhaps even a Twerkshop 😉

Thank you to everyone past and present, who have supported Purity and made it what it is today!

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HiiT Taster Course and Kiddie Hoop Tasters

Purity’s HiiT course, Half Hour to Power will be running a 2 week taster starting on Monday 8th December. A great way for you to see what the 5 week guaranteed results course is all about. 3 classes per week as a minimum, out of the 4, Mon-Thurs at 6pm in Andover.

Silver Package = £30 (6 classes in total)

Gold Package = £50 (Up to 8 classes in total, plus protein and nutrition advice.

Half Hour to Power is bookable here.

Our first term of Kiddie Aerial Hoop is set to end on a high, with the Christmas routine to Let It Go, from their favourite film, Frozen. Tasters for 6-10 year olds, will be on Thursday 11th December, with the new term starting on Thursday 8th January, all bookable here.

More Aerial Hoop spaces in Andover, Hampshire

Purity Studio has now had delivery of a new Hoop and Mat set, so we can now open up more spaces. Due to the popularity of the class, we are now running Aerial Hoop classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Maximum 3 students per Hoop.

Don’t worry if you are unfit, or feel like you are not strong enough, as Aerial Hoop and the conditioning exercises will get you fit and strong. Also it will increase flexibility, and co-ordination.

Purity has a reputation for holding small classes, to ensure you get plenty of instructor time, and progress at you’re own speed.

Come and join our Purity Circus, and book in today!

Aerial Hoop for under 16’s is starting very soon in Autumn 2014.


Tumble on BBC1

Have you seen Tumble on BBC1? Want to try Aerial Hoop?

Don’t let fear or excuses hold you back, any one can give it a go 😉

You can learn Aerial Hoop with Purity Studio in Andover, Hampshire UK. Classes for men, woman and children, a great way to get fit!

Click here for classes:


Young adults (aged 11-16)

Kiddies (aged 6-10)

Aerial Hoop Lessons

Learn Aerial Hoop in Andover

Purity now has regular classes of learning Aerial Hoop, at the Purity Dance and Fitness Studio, in Andover, Hampshire.

The classes have been running for 2 weeks to help people get fit, and have fun. Currently the classes on Tuesday evenings are for over 16’s, but under 16’s lyra lessons will be starting from September time. Please contact to register your interest.

Aerial Hoop is great for toning, building strength, and gaining confidence.

These classes are taught by Jolene, who has been doing Aerial Hoop for 2 and half years, her classes are fun and motivating. Classes are kept small, so students can progress safely, with plenty of instructor time.

Join now, and get you first lesson free in Summer 2014.

Aerial Hoop Lessons

Andover Carnival 2014

You have have seen that Purity Studio had an Aerial Hoop set up at The Andover Carnival 2014. It was a long day, as we were there from 8.30am until about 8pm, introducing many men, woman and children to the circus art of Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra.

So many had never heard of it, or seen it, but I was amazed to see so many give it a go. We had a total of 12 adults and 20 children try it. The youngest children were 6, and the oldest was a 79 year old man! I hope I can still use an Aerial Hoop when I am his age!

The sun was shining all day long, making the Andover Carnival very popular.

More people now know there is a new dedicated dance and fitness studio in Andover, running pole dancing, aerial hoop, pole fitness, Personal Training and INSANITY classes right on their door step. Small classes, so there is plenty of instructor time, and students can progress fast.

I will be starting children’s Aerial Hoop classes from September 2014, please contact Jolene through the site, or on 07961 054 863 to register your interest, for these new lessons.

Or let me know if you are interested in parent/child Aerial Hoop classes as well, as a lot of the mum’s couldn’t resist a go for themselves 😉



Pole Club – Andover

1st pole Club

Last night was our first of many Pole Club‘s, it was fully booked, and next week is now fully booked as well!

In these first 2 weeks of the new Purity Studio being open, we have had beginner pole fitness classes, intermediate pole dancing lessons, and INSANITY. The classes have been buzzing in the heat.

Andover has some of the most supportive pole dancing students I have known, and their dedication to get together and come to pole club on a Friday, and bring cakes, is something for Andover to be proud of.

All are learning to pole dance for fun and fitness, whilst creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Special offers for all fitness classes are available, Pole Club is free to those on aerial courses or memberships.

All spaces are limited, as we believe in running small classes (1 per pole), to allow good safe practice of all moves.


Aerial Hoop starts on Tuesday. So our timetable is looking tasty.

Your first lesson is free, so what are you waiting for? 🙂

Purity Studio – Andover, Hampshire

The new Purity Studio opened it’s doors in Andover, Hampshire, on Thursday 3rd July 2014. The evening started well, with the first pole dancing class ever to be held there, being full!

All pole dancing lessons are 1 student per pole, giving plenty of pole fitness time to each1005094_10151460539297085_1771427998_n student. Jolene has over 10 years of teaching pole dancing, and performing, and even been a UK Finalist for Miss Pole Dance 2008. She enjoys teaching all aspects of pole, from pole dancing routines, to pole fitness.

Aerial Hoop classes also known as Lyra will be starting on Tuesday 15th July 2014, with a maximum of 3 per hoop. Jolene completed her Aerial Hoop Instructor training with Spin City in Newbury.

INSANITY Live classes are set to start on Tuesday 15th July 2014, this high intensity plyometric interval training, will push you to the max, and get your metabolism high, to increase fat loss. Jolene completed her training with Beachbody UK in April 2014, and has also completed the 60 Day INSANITY challenge.

Summer Offers:

  • All 6 week Hoop and Pole courses are £60
  • Your first lesson with Purity is free for either Pole, Hoop or INSANITY
  • Memberships are available
  • Loyalty PAYG scheme

Future plans for the Studio include, more day time classes of Aerial Hoop, Pole Fitness and INSANITY, for adults as well as children.

1st class

Aerial Hoop – Andover

Aerial Hoop lessons are now available for you at the Purity Dance and Fitness Studio in Andover, Hampshire. Come and learn many holds, drops and routines with Jolene, who is Miss Pole Dance UK finalist for 2008, one of the UK’s longest established instructors. She has danced in many towns and the City of London.

Please click here to see the timetable.


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This location normally has people traveling from the surrounding areas of Andover including, Salisbury, Whitchurch, Winchester, Basingstoke, Newbury, Eastleigh, Southampton, and other parts of Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Aerial Hoop Classes are coming to Andover in 2014!

I am very excited to announce that I have found a fantastic venue for teaching Aerial Hoop classes!

The location will be in Ludgershall, a few minutes down the road from Andover. I will soon be organising an intro day, and will most likely put up some poles as well as the hoop for people to come and try out.

If you are already having lessons with Purity, then your second course will have a discount.

Aerial Hoop is a great workout, but also fun. It will make you feel like a kid on a swing in a playground when you first start… actually that feeling never quite goes! 🙂

You are welcome to contact me through the website if you would like to be the first to find out when I start these lessons.

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