Fitness and Dance Studio Available to Rent in Andover Hampshire UK

The Purity Studio, which is located on the Walworth Industrial Estate, in Andover Hampshire, is available to hire on a Wednesday evening from 7.30pm, and Monday to Fridays from 6am to 2pm. The price is £15 per hour.

You can easily fit around 12 students in for a fitness class.

The studio is great for fitness classes, yoga, pilates, dance, zumba, personal training, martial arts etc.

Please contact Jolene on 07961 054 863 if you would like to chat further, or arrange to come and see it.


Andover Carnival 2014

You have have seen that Purity Studio had an Aerial Hoop set up at The Andover Carnival 2014. It was a long day, as we were there from 8.30am until about 8pm, introducing many men, woman and children to the circus art of Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra.

So many had never heard of it, or seen it, but I was amazed to see so many give it a go. We had a total of 12 adults and 20 children try it. The youngest children were 6, and the oldest was a 79 year old man! I hope I can still use an Aerial Hoop when I am his age!

The sun was shining all day long, making the Andover Carnival very popular.

More people now know there is a new dedicated dance and fitness studio in Andover, running pole dancing, aerial hoop, pole fitness, Personal Training and INSANITY classes right on their door step. Small classes, so there is plenty of instructor time, and students can progress fast.

I will be starting children’s Aerial Hoop classes from September 2014, please contact Jolene through the site, or on 07961 054 863 to register your interest, for these new lessons.

Or let me know if you are interested in parent/child Aerial Hoop classes as well, as a lot of the mum’s couldn’t resist a go for themselves 😉