Why Have You Stopped Teaching Pole Tricks??

So this question has come up lately. After teaching pole dancing, including pole tricks for 13 years, why have I decided to stop teaching pole tricks now?…

In July 2017 Purity is about to become an actual ‘Pole Dancing’ school, by that I mean I am waving good bye to the pole tricks side of things, and focusing on the dance side more.

I have a few reasons… I feel that the dancing has more to offer people, myself included. I am all for body positivity and a happy state of mind, and nothing gives this better than the dancing side of things, any dancing for that matter! I am not saying that pole tricks doesn’t give you this either, it’s just that dancing does it way better in my opinion. I feel it is a bit of a metaphor for life – “It is not how many tricks you can do, but how you move.

I feel people can hide behind tricks, and ignore the dance, which is strange seeing as it is called Pole Dancing.

“Is it because you can’t keep up with the new tricks?”
This makes me laugh! Most people can’t keep up with the ‘new’ tricks! I don’t even try, never have done! I have my own way, perhaps because I am an old school poler, I love the old school tricks. Trick wise, I think you can’t beat a beautiful Scorpio or an Extended Butterfly. I have spoken to some of my old instructor friends during the recent years, who started teaching around the same time I did, they stopped years ago when the tricks went crazy, they said “I don’t know how you keep going through all the madness that pole has turned into“. But I can’t understand why they stopped for that reason, I got into pole because I love dancing, the tricks were always a side line.

I have had a few pole related injuries this year, and it has made me re-evaluate what I want
from life. Do I love the doing/teaching pole tricks enough to put my body through it anymore? The answer is no, (not sadly no, just no). I am happy about my decision. Life is too short to do things we are not happy with. Don’t get me wrong, you may still see pictures cropping up on Instagram of me doing pole tricks, I am not giving them up, I am just stopping teaching them. I still love pole, and don’t want to lose my passion for it.

This year I have been training hard in a new area for me, (well newish), I am becoming a Level 3 Pilates teacher. I trained in Fitness Pilates in 2008, but I have decided to go sh*t or bust with it now! I feel that pole dancing is great for helping the mind and body in so many ways, but I would like to do more to help people.

I think Pilates is a key for the body to stay fit and functional for life, and I want to bring that to more people.

I want to thank all of the Purity Students, both past and present for all their support. I do hope you all continue your pole journey with Purity, so we can dance together for many years to come.



Sexy Pole Workshops

In July 2015, we celebrated Bringing Sexy Back with a Sexy Pole Workshop, so popular that the first one sold out within a few hours, so a second one was introduced, creating a whole weekend of slinky floor work. You can see a little selection of clips below.

Sexy Pole Workshop 2015 from Jolene Redtrip on Vimeo.

Aerial Hoop – Andover

Aerial Hoop lessons are now available for you at the Purity Dance and Fitness Studio in Andover, Hampshire. Come and learn many holds, drops and routines with Jolene, who is Miss Pole Dance UK finalist for 2008, one of the UK’s longest established instructors. She has danced in many towns and the City of London.

Please click here to see the timetable.


Side Star

This location normally has people traveling from the surrounding areas of Andover including, Salisbury, Whitchurch, Winchester, Basingstoke, Newbury, Eastleigh, Southampton, and other parts of Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Summer Twerkshop!

Sunday 6th July 2014
2.30pm to 4.30pmThe Studio, Dummer Down Farm, Dummer, Basingstoke, Hants, RG25 2AR
The Studio is straight in front of you, as you turn into Dummer Down Farm. The entrance is to the right of the studio.

Booty!Following the success of the last Twerkshops, Jolene is running a Summer Twerkshop with a new routine. If you have come to a previous one this year, the routine will be fresh and new for you. None polers are very welcome, as we will only be learning fun booty popping routine.

Please come along wearing something that makes you feel good, knee protection is advisable, knee pads, leg warmers, or long socks that go over the knees work well. You need to be able to slide easily over the wooden floor with knees and feet. Ideally no trousers, as you’ll wanna be able to see your jelly shaking ;)

This will be a fun day, so be prepared to giggle lots!

You are welcome to bring cameras, and anyone who doesn’t want to be in shot, will not be in any videos.

Advance bookings only.

6 spaces left – £15 (£16 when paying by Paypal)

Twerkshop and Reading Studio Closure

I think somehow I forgot to post this little gem of a video. I put this together using old and new footage of Purity’s students in the last 2 years of the Reading Studio.

Also another fun one, which was put together after last weeks Twerkshop, amazing what you can achieve in only 2 hours!

Purity Presents Stripper Style Show

I held the first Stripper Style Showcase on Sunday 9th June, at Hotel de Vie in Farnham.Jolene We had a wonderful evening full of very sexy pole routines, from some gorgeous ladies.

Some who pole dance with Purity, and others who are friends of mine. All the professionals had been dancing for around 10 years, and had got into it for the love of dancing more than the spectacular tricks.

So this evening was more about showing the dance side more than the tricks.




Here are the videos which have been upload to Youtube from some of the girls:

Videos from our Sexy Routine Workshop

Last Sunday the Purity Girls polished their heels, took their hair bands out, and enjoyed doing a Routine Workshop to Buttons by Pussy Cat Dolls.

It was lovely to see the effort gone into outfits, it definately had a different feel to it, but as one of the students, Ruth, pointed out, everyone was just there to have fun, and not to compete with one another. It was nice we still managed to keep the lovely atmosphere, which is present in every Purity class.

Well done ladies 🙂

Students 1

Students 2

Pole Dancing in Isle of Wight!!

Please Note: this blog page is from 2012. Purity is no longer on the Isle of Wight, and can only be booked in the one studio in Andover.


At last I have not only found a suitable venue for pole dancing classes, but I have now booked it in the Isle of Wight. Purity Pole Dancing will be bringing it’s fun pole dancing lessons to Ryde Sports Centre.

I will be using 4 R-poles, and classes will be the same format as all the other Purity locations with a maximum of 2 students per pole, plenty of pole time and plenty of instructor time.

Initially I will be doing some taster classes, the first one being on Saturday 14th July 2012, and depending on interest, moving on to 3 week courses.

You do not need high levels of fitness, or any pole experience, as beginner classes are there to start you from scratch to build up strength.

Halloween Routine Workshop

For this years halloween routine workshop, one class decided on 2 songs, and mixed them for me. We kept it quiet from most of the other students, it was a fun surprise when we went from Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann (Lost Boys) into Magic Dance by David Bowie (Labyrinth).

All the videos were done in the Purity Studio in Reading, I put candles out to make it seem spooky!

Here are the students videos, from those who wanted to be filmed:

Class Tues 7pm

Class Weds 6.30pm

Class Weds 7.35pm

Class Weds 8.35pm

Class Thurs Advance

Class Thurs 7.35pm Take 1

Class Thurs 7.35pm Take 2