Classes During the Festive Season!

Andover – Christmas Goodies
Purity Studio, Unit 36, Walworth Enterprise Centre, West Way, Andover SP10 5AP
Once on West Way, you’ll see a big building on your left saying
Walworth Enterprise Centre, turn left and go into the main centre
carpark. There are units all around, number 36 is on the right hand side,
up the stairs. 

**Bookings will open on this page on Friday 30th November 2018**

All pole classes are 1 student per pole!

*Booking Policy – PLEASE READ*

You must complete a minimum of 5 weeks at Beginner level before signing up for Pole-A-Fornication or the Stripper Style Pole Jam.
Please note the Pole Tricks class is only open to those who already do Pole Tricks with Purity.

Classes over the Festive Time

Stripper Style Pole Jam – Saturday 29th December 2018 – 2pm-3pm & 3.10pm to 4.10pm
A Freestyle hour, where the tunes play none stop, we all add our fave slinky and slow tracks, ranging from- R’n’B to Rock to Filth.
Pole Tricks – Thursday 3rd January 2019 – 6.15pm-7.15pm
For those that don’t want to miss 2 weeks, come and get your conditioning in, and boost your metabolism during the festive season!
Pole-A-Fornication – Thursday 3rd January 2019 – 7.20pm-8.20pm and 8.25pm-9.25pm
An hour of dirty beats, questionable lyrics or just plain rude songs. This is a sequence led class, expect minimal talking, loud music and sexy outfits. Knee pads are essential, heels are optional, but they will help inspire your inner minx!


Stripper style freestyle saturday 29th Dec 2018 2pm-3pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)


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Stripper style freestyle saturday 29th Dec 2018 3.10pm-4.10pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)
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Pole Tricks Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 6.15pm-7.15pm £10 2 spaces for Thurs 3rd Jan 2019 for PAYG (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)


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Pole-a-fornication thursday 3rd jan 2019 7.20pm-8.20pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)


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Pole-a-fornication thursday 3rd jan 2019 8.25pm-9.25pm £10 FULL (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)


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Sexy Pole Workshops

In July 2015, we celebrated Bringing Sexy Back with a Sexy Pole Workshop, so popular that the first one sold out within a few hours, so a second one was introduced, creating a whole weekend of slinky floor work. You can see a little selection of clips below.

Sexy Pole Workshop 2015 from Jolene Redtrip on Vimeo.

Workshop – Stripper Style

ssws1Saturday 23rd November 2013
Purity Studio, Lismore House, 28b Wilton Road, Reading, RG30 2SS 

2.00pm – 4.00pm – Stripper Style Routine Workshop
4.00pm – 4.20pm – Stretch

Learn a stripper style routine from Stripper Style on Tour’s own Jolene, she will take you through a dance based routine, with plenty of floor work, hair flicks and teasing moves, along with teaching you the art to fast and slow moves to enhance your performance.

Heels will help, and please wear an outfit that makes you feel good. Bring your game face, as pole face will not be allowed :p



This is Stripper ‘Style’, so no nudity will be allowed. The focus will be having fun on the pole, whilst enjoying the sensual seductive side of pole dancing.

Only 6 spaces / 1 per pole
£30 per person or £31 when using Paypal


Purity Presents Stripper Style Show

I held the first Stripper Style Showcase on Sunday 9th June, at Hotel de Vie in Farnham.Jolene We had a wonderful evening full of very sexy pole routines, from some gorgeous ladies.

Some who pole dance with Purity, and others who are friends of mine. All the professionals had been dancing for around 10 years, and had got into it for the love of dancing more than the spectacular tricks.

So this evening was more about showing the dance side more than the tricks.




Here are the videos which have been upload to Youtube from some of the girls: