Pole Info

Which Pole class is the right one for you…

Beginner Pole Dance
In Beginner pole dance we learn the basic techniques/floorwork, foundation spins, transitions and routine work all
on static pole. Leggings can be worn during this class.
Beginner Pole is for those

  • Who have never done pole before
  • Haven’t done pole in 6 months or more, and had been poling less than a year before having a break
  • Who have not done any/much Pole Choreography

Intermediate Pole Dance
This covers a range of spin combinations, floor work, combinations, routines, freestyle, and freedom dancing. Mainly on static pole.

This class will also include Base Level tricks, such as Shoulder Stands, and Backwards Rolls.

Intermediate pole dance is for those:

  • Who have completed the foundation spins and floor work from Beginner and Improver levels, either with Purity or elsewhere.
  • Have done routine work.

Leggings can be worn. 

Advanced Pole Dance
In this level we do much more complex combinations and floor work. The combos are more complex and challenging. Mainly static pole.

All Advanced classes will now include Base Level tricks, such as Advanced Backward Rolls, Kips and Shoulder Stands.

Advanced Pole is for those:

  • Who have been poling without a break for at least 12 months
  • Have covered all the foundation dance moves and spins in Intermediate Pole dance
  • Who have done lots of work on routines

Leggings can be worn during this class

You are also welcome to call Purity to discuss which level you should go for.

Intermediate / Advance pole covers the following

  • Authentic (Slinky and sexy)
  • Pole Flow
  • Freestyle
  • Freedom Dancing
  • Choreographed Routines
  • Spins
  • Floor Work
  • Heels and Heel conditioning
  • Dynamic Stretching

Freestyle Pole
Freestyle Pole always has a freestyle dancing in each class, with songs picked by each of the students.

  • You must of completed a Beginner pole course
  • Great for those who love/want to dance

Leggings can be worn during this class.

Serpent Power
A wonderful class, designed by Jamie Taylor. Yoga meets stripper style pole! This class is suitable for those who love to switch off and dance. The routines are basic, as the focus is on losing yourself in the dance, and to get in touch with your inner Goddess/God.

Leggings can be worn during this class.

All classes are 1 student per pole, and include a full warm up and cool down. Click here and start your pole journey with Purity today.